4. Working with the Editor

The Editor

Our core advantage is our simple yet powerful drag & drop editor. Add videos, pictures, maps, and text – no HTML or technical skills required.

The editor is constructed from several different areas:




General Actions



Save / Save as :  To save your work, click Save. If this is the first time you are saving, you will be asked to name your site.

your site’s name will be used as part of the name of your free site

This is our free URL – Once you published your site, you can always connect it to a new domain or use one of your existing domains. Click here to read more about connecting your site to a domain.


Preview:At any point while editing your site, you can click Preview to see your site in “live” mode


Publish:When you are finished and ready to connect your site, click on the blue Publish button on the upper-right corner of the editor. A dialog box will appear with our subscription options, choose between our different hosting plans. In addition, you will see the free address of your site. This is a temporary address you can share with others.


Open:  When clicking Open, a new window with your saved websites will appear.


Help:Need help? Click on the support tab on the left side of the editor.