8. Links

Linking Elements

Adding a link to an element :

  1. Click on the element you’d like to add a link to.
  2. Click on the Link icon on the upper border of the element.

A Set Link dialog box will appear. In the Set Info box you can add a link to the element.


There are several types of links that can be attached to an element:

External Website: Link to an external URL, just insert the URL and choose how the link will open: in a new window or in the same one as your website (it’ll replace your site). Click OK and the link is set.

You can use this option to link to your existing blog or online store. This will improve traffic to your site as well as your SEO


Internal Page: Link to one of your website’s internal pages – just choose the right page from the dropdown and click OK.


Scroll to element: Allows the browser to scroll down or up to a certain element on the page. This one is a bit tricky but gives a great modern result and is highly recommended for one-pagers and landing-pages.

  1. Add a unique “Anchor”  name (it can be any word, without spaces and stuff…) and click OK.
  2. Select the item you wish to scroll to and click on Set Info (grey button on the black editing bar).
  3. In the info field ‘Anchor’ write the exact anchor name you inserted in step 1.
  4. Click OK.

Preview your site and click the element with the link, you’ll see how the browser will nicely scroll to the linked element.



Email: Add a link that will automatically open the users’ mail-program when the site is viewed on mobile devices. Just add the email address and click OK.

Please note that since most users are using cloud-based email-clients (gMail, Yahoo etc.) and not their default local email-client, this option will actually open their outdated outlook program. Consider using the contact form element instead or just write down your email.

For mobile sites: this option is great and recommended – it will open the right e-mail app immediately.


Phone: Add a link that will automatically call a number (Only when viewed on mobile phones!) – just add your number and click OK.


File download: Great for downloadable PDFs, Docs etc. . Add a link that will download a certain file when clicked upon . Click the upload button and upload your file, then click the OK button.
Please note that we have a 5MB limit for the files. If you want to allow the download of a bigger file, please upload it to an external service and use a regular external link instead.