3. Customizing

Customizing a template using the Editor

To customize a template, click Customize Now on the upper right corner after choosing the template.

You can change any element in a template: text, picture etc. and add new ones. Drag n’drop, click and modify. You can also delete any element by clicking on it and hitting the Delete button on your keyboard or the “x” in the element’s editing frame.




Customizing – The General Idea

There are several basic concepts lying in the heart of our editor:

1. Website, pages and elements – Your website is constructed from pages. The pages contain content elements (text, pictures, gallery etc.). That’s the general idea, as simple as that. In the editor, you can move between the different pages by clicking the menu itself or through Pages> Manage Pages.

2. Everything is editable – All the elements can be dragged and re-sized freely. Nothing constrains you! Just click on an element and use its editing frame to place and shape it. It’s a true what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG).

3. Click and modify – Every element has its own editing bar: it always appears on the upper part of the editor. Click on an element and its editing bar will appear. The most relevant action will be marked with a blue button. The more advanced options will appear in gray buttons.

Double-clicking an element will also open the most relevant action. For example, double clicking a picture will open the replace-picture dialog and double clicking a text element will open the text editor.

You can always undo your last action by hitting Ctrl+Z on your keyboard.

4. Managing pages & menus – The main menu of the website automatically shows all the pages you have on your site and appears on each page. Managing the pages will affect the menu automatically and vice-versa. To change the title of one of the menu items just change the page name in Pages > Manage Pages. You can easily add more pages and they’ll automatically be added to your menu.

You can hide a page from the menu through Pages> Manage Pages and even remove the menu completely.

Advanced users can add multiple menus or create a menu by linking various elements to internal pages. To find out more about this option – click here.

5. Save and Publish – You can save your site anytime during the customizing process. Next time you’ll log-in you’ll find your saved site under the “My sites” section (Start > My Sites).

To publish your site and make it publicly available – click the blue “Publish” button at the top right corner of the editor. Changes will be seen on the live website only after publishing, so you can keep modifying your site and saving it – and only when you’re ready – click the “Publish” button.

Publishing allows you to connect your site to an existing domain or buy a new one, once you are a premium member. See more on how to connect your domain here.

You can keep editing your site in the editor as usual, even after the site is published.

6. Right Click – Select an element and right-click any object to get advanced options such as Align, Reorder and Replicate. Read more about these options here.