13. Contact Form

You can either use our standard form or use JotForm to customize your form in a way that will fit your needs.

Adding a standard contact form:

  1. Click Add an Element located on the upper grey bar.
  2. Click the Contact element. A generic Contact form will appear.
  3. To connect a contact form, click Connect on the upper black ‘contact form’ bar. (Tip: you can also double-click on the contact form).


The Contact Form Setting dialog box will appear:


Enter an e-mail address inside the Target E-mail input field. This will be the address sent forms will arrive to.

  • Write a message inside the Success Message input field. This message will be an automatic reply received after someone sends you a message.
  • You can change the field titles in the form by inserting the text you wish inside the matching input field
  • You can change the title of the Submit button by inserting the new title under ‘Submit button caption’.


Setting the colors of the contact form:

  1. Click on the contact form you’d like to modify.
  2. Click Colors located on the upper black bar.

The Color Settings dialog will appear:

  • Field Text – Choose the color of the text in all of your form’s fields titles.
  • Field Background – Choose the background color for all field in your form.
  • Field Outline – Choose the color of the outlines around the fields.
  • Button Text – Choose the color of the text in the Submit button.
  • Button Background – Choose the background color of the Submit button.



Adding a customized JotForm Contact Form

With a Jotform widget you have the option of creating a customized contact form, poll, survey, RSVP or any other type of form. See more about your options here.

  1. Go to www.jotform.com and create the form you want. Write down your JotForm ID which you will need to insert to the editor. (The form ID is the string of digits at the end of a form’s URL)
  2. Click Add an Element located on the upper grey bar.
  3. Click the Widget element.

4.  Click JotForm. A generic contact Form will appear.

5.  Click Setup. A Widget HTML Settings dialog will appear.

6.  Enter your JotForm ID into the info field and click OK.