Why IM-Creator Is the Best Website Builder

Everyone wants to believe they’re the best at what they do, but we don’t just believe it, we show it. When IM-Creator set out to be the best free website builder for people with little or no experience in creating a website, we went to the source – our family and friends who had absolutely no clue about building a website. Throughout every stage of designing our website building platform, we had them test it out to see if they had any questions or challenges. The end result is a website builder that anyone can use, regardless of their web design experience.


We Take the Frustration Out of Creating a Website


Planning a website should be an exciting time – your business or personal endeavor is going to be on the Internet for the entire world to see. But for the 95 percent of us who are not completely familiar with what it takes to get a website on the Internet, it could be a frustrating and expensive experience. You have to stumble your way through finding a web hosting company, a web designer, a programmer, and, if you’re going to be selling online, a payment processor. Then, you have to figure out how to register your website. It could be overwhelming, especially if you are working or trying to run a brick-and-mortar business at the same time.


But creating a website doesn’t have to be this complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. At IM-Creator, our professional web designers and developers have taken all the steps involved in website formation, from creating it and properly coding it to publishing and hosting it, and combined them into our do-it-yourself website builder.


A do-it-yourself website builder affords you many benefits:

  1. You work on your website on your own timeline. There’s no need to rearrange your schedule to fit a third-party’s schedule.
  2. You don’t need to adhere to a third-party’s deadlines for content, proofing, changes, etc., in order for your website to go live within that third-party’s timeframe.
  3. You maintain complete control. If you want to make changes to your website, even after it’s up live, you can do it yourself without having to go through a third-party and pay additional fees for the changes.
  4. All the business aspects of a website are incorporated, such as registering your domain name, hosting, programming, search engine optimization, shopping cart and more.
  5. It’s more affordable. Depending on the extent of services you need, IM-Creator offers a free service or low-price monthly packages that include hosting, domain and email.


We Uncomplicate Web Design


Let’s face it, not everyone is creative or good at designing something that looks great. That’s one of the things we realized when designing the workings of IM-Creator. Pre-designed website templates were a must, but they couldn’t just be plain, basic design templates. They had to stand out from all the rest. As such, our templates are known for their:

  • Professionally-designed look – all our templates are designed by professional web designers with years of experience.
  • Their diversity – we have design templates for conservative businesses, chic retail stores, elegant businesses, professional services, blogs, portfolios and resumes, just to name a few, in styles that meet all business types.
  • Their uniqueness – there’s no cookie-cutter approach used with our design layouts. Each one of our design templates offers different style features in its columns, headers, navigation and content layout options.
  • Their attractiveness – from chic to whimsical and everything in between, our design templates have extraordinary eye appeal. We take great care in selecting attractive color schemes and stylish design elements.


IM-Creator has over 50 design templates, plus our web designers add more daily in addition to seasonal collections. Our designers track what’s hot in website design and are constantly creating design templates that bring you the latest styles and trends in website design.


Content Customization to Meet Your Needs


One of the top-best things about IM-Creator is our design templates are “almost done.” In designing our website builder, we wanted to do as much as we could for you in terms of content. Along with our great-looking design templates, you’ll also find that our templates contain content applicable to the business or personal category you selected. You can use our content, which includes text and images, as is, or use it to inspire you to write your own text or add your own images. To customize any of our design templates, simply click the Customize Now button and change anything you want – from color scheme and layout to pictures and text.


With IM-Creator, you can easily modify or add all sorts of different elements, such as:

  • Pictures, logos, graphics, or any other image of your choice.
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Content, from straight text to product or services lists to food menus.
  • Elements, like Facebook and Twitter icons with live links, direction maps, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Additional pages for testimonials, photo galleries, product or service descriptions, or whatever you want to spotlight.


We have one of the easiest editing environments around, so customizing your site is quick and effortless. Our drag & drop editor means all you need to do is select the corresponding icon for the content you want to change or add, then drag it to where you want to make the change or addition and drop it. Simply follow the prompts for editing or adding your content. And no need to worry about your content not fitting properly. Our website creator automatically resizes text or crops images to fit into the design. In addition, our website builder automatically does the programming necessary to ensure all the content on your site looks great and runs smoothly.


We Decode Website Coding


One major component that makes IM-Creator the best website builder is our coding. Our website programmers are perfectionists when it comes to the quality of their coding. Each design template has the applicable coding already incorporated into it, and automatically adds coding to any new content you add. In addition, our web programmers comply with all the web standards, which means your website will appear and run properly on any operating system, whether it’s a PC, Mac, smartphone, Tablet, mobile device, etc., as well as all browsers, regardless of the browser’s version.


SEO You Can Understand


Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO is what gets your website found by search engines. In addition to perfect coding, our web programmers make IM-Creator SEO friendly, so you can easily promote your website. All you need to do is click on SEO under the Settings menu and add the title of your website, a short description about it, and a few keywords that people would typically use with a search engine to find your type of site. We also offer lots of tips about enhancing your website’s SEO in our community forum and FAQ sections of ourSupportCenter.


Get Published In Under 30 Minutes


We recognize that people are short on time, which is why we’ve made our website builder super quick and easy to use. With IM-Creator, you can create a basic website and get it published live on the Internet in less than 30 minutes. It’s one of the other main reasons we’re considered the best. Our process is so simple and streamlined, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll have your website created and up and running.


We’ll Support You Every Step of the Way


One thing we’ve learned from our focus groups when building IM-Creator is that everybody has different learning curves and different needs in creating a website. That’s why we’ve created a SupportCenterthat is rated among the best in the industry. In our SupportCenter, you’ll find answers on any type of situation that might arise. Email your question and get a reply within 12 hours in most cases, download our printable beginner’s manual, browse our how-to section and FAQs, or get help in our community forum. Perhaps our best support feature is our Support tab, visible from any area in our website builder. Simply click on it and you’ll have instant access to our support team.


We’re The Best, but We Keep Achieving


No one should rest on their laurels. We’ve received professional and industry accolades telling us we’re the best website builder out there, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying to better our site even more based on our users’ feedback. Our goal is and always has been to provide a free, all-in-one website builder that is clear and simple to use and provides a seamless design to publishing process. Our users tell us we’ve accomplished just that with the depth of our website building platform and the richness of the services and features we provide for free. But we’d like to hear what you think. Give us a try and let us know. We’re confident that you’ll be joining the hundreds of thousands of people who have built their websites using IM-Creator in saying that we are the best website builder bar none.