Why IM-Creator Is the Best Design Software

For a website designer, the direct route to profitability is completing the design of a website in a matter of hours without having to sub-contract with external developers. The IM-Creator website enables you to do just that, resulting in a higher income for you without sacrificing your design style.


How We Became the Best Design Software


Some professional web designers look upon website builders as cutting into their business. But in actuality, we are simply another tool to complement your artistic palette. When we developed IM-Creator, we did it on the premise that we would partner with website designers to offer individuals and businesses of all sizes the ability to create a website that meets their budget. Over the years, we’ve fostered a successful partnership that provides web designers with the best software for web designs. In fact, here are the Top 5 ways professional website designers are currently benefiting from our design software:


  1. Our free comprehensive website building and design tools save designers from outsourcing the technical aspects of a website to expensive developers and programmers. We handle all the technical components involved in building a quality website, including HTML coding, compatibility, multiple sites in different languages, search engine optimization, and hosting and hooking up a website to a new or existing domain name.


  1. Our high quality, professional-grade pre-designed templates give website designers a hand by reducing the amount of time spent on designing a website template from scratch. Our website templates have been designed by professional designers just like you and offer high quality design features and creative layouts. We have design templates that cover a wide range of business categories, such as hotels, restaurants, architect, artists and real estate, just to name a few. More importantly, our free templates are flexible, so website designers can use some or all of our design template elements, enhance them with their creative flair, or start with one of our blank templates and tailor it to meet their client’s needs.


  1. Our free design software allows for quicker design completion of small and mid-sized websites so designers can take on more projects. Our website builder integrates all the tools professional designers use to create a website, including functions for changing color schemes, adding pages, cropping or resizing photos and setting up a website structure with menus and navigation.


  1. With our free website building tools, professional designers can provide clients with a value-added service by offering them a greater array of tools for editing or updating content on their websites as often as they wish. This way, designers can focus on what they do best – website design and layout.


  1. Professional web designers can offer their clients a more comprehensive web solution that goes beyond web design and includes hosting, domain and email accounts for their domain. As such, designers benefit by keeping their clients’ entire website needs under their design firm.


Our Features Enhance Your Designs


Over the years, IM-Creator has been recognized by top industry publications and major media outlets as the best design software for web design professionals. Some of the features in our website builder that have contributed to us receiving these top accolades include:


  • Platform: We are among the few website builders that have already incorporated the latest HTML5 features and tools into our HTML platform and continue to integrate advances in technology into our website builder. IM-Creator is known for being on the cutting-edge of technology and we continue to be recognized for that. In addition, our online environment means there’s no software to download or to take up space on your computer; everything is available to you whenever you log into your IM-Creator account.


  • Drag & Drop HTML Editor: This is a powerful, features-rich online editing environment with design tools that enable you to create HTML websites faster and easier without constraining your creativity. Professional web designers currently using our website builder have given us high marks for our ready-made slideshows, photo galleries, contact forms, video players, widgets and other editable enhancements and features that make a website more interactive and appealing.


  • SEO Friendly: Our website builder was carefully developed with search engine optimization in mind. We take that one step further by giving professional designers and their clients the ability to enhance the SEO of their sites by adding crucial SEO elements, like website title, description and keywords. We make it easy for professional designers to ensure their clients’ websites are found by all search engines and ranked high in search engine results.


  • Integrated Content Management System: This feature gives website designers the flexibility in meeting the content management preferences of their clients. Designers can quickly and easily change content on their clients’ sites or provide their clients with the user-friendly tools for doing content updating themselves. Designers who manage their clients’ content can charge a service fee and keep the entire amount for themselves because our CMS is included with our designer service.


  • All-Around Compatibility: Our website builder has been recognized for producing HTML-based websites that are highly compatible with all types of browsers, regardless of how new or old the browser version may be. In addition, we use cutting-edge technologies, such as jQuery, to ensure the websites you create are compatible with all PC and Mac operating systems, as well as the newest mobile technologies, including tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Our website builder incorporates resizing technology so any website created is automatically optimized for viewing on mobile devices.


A Valuable Tool for Meeting Your Clients’ Needs


As a web designer, you know that every client has very different needs. Some require a very basic website, while others need more complex functionality. Our website builder was developed with versatility in mind to accommodate the diverse and varied needs of its users. We pride ourselves on providing professional website designers with top-notch services that complement their existing ones so designers can offer their clients even greater value-added benefits and stand apart from the competition. Take a look at some of the services we offer, many of which are above and beyond what other website builders offer.


Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage: We don’t believe in limiting the creativity of professional designers, which is why we give them unlimited space for creating their masterpieces and unlimited power so their websites load quickly and any downloads from the sites are done in record time. We are in a class of our own in offering unlimited bandwidth and storage and you can pass on this great deal to your clients.


Domain Options: IM-Creator enables professional designers to offer their clients the option of a free sub-domain name, a new domain name for a nominal fee, or linking an existing domain name to their new website.


Reliable Hosting: Not only is our website hosting free, but our platform is powered by Google and Amazon, two of the powerhouses on the Internet. That means we can ensure the utmost in uptime reliability and security to our professional designers, who in turn can assure their clients that their websites always will be up and running on a secure foundation.


Analytics: You’ve created great designs for your clients’ websites and our analytics tools make sure visitors enjoy your efforts. We provide free of charge to professional website designers the helpful Google Analytics and other reporting tools so you can work with your clients to track and analyze traffic patterns to their sites, determine which pages are attracting the most or least attention, how much time is spent on the site and which design enhancements can add value for visitors. This type of analysis can assist designers with increasing their services after initial design completion income.


Accommodating Service Plans: Since needs for a website differ, we have flexible service plans that allow website designers to provide competitive pricing to their clients. Our Pro Plan is structured and priced with professional website designers in mind because it can be customized to meet clients’ needs. Some of the options our Pro Plan provides are multiple new or existing domains and unlimited email accounts. Because we custom quote a price according to your clients’ needs, you never overpay for services.


Add-On Services: We enable professional designers to offer their clients add-on services to meet their diverse or changing needs. With IM-Creator, designers can offer email services for their clients’ domains, a shopping cart for ecommerce sites and other features. More importantly, our prices are among the lowest around.


Beyond all these services, designers will have full access to our extensive support center. We’re here to assist you in serving your clients in any way we can. Online, professional designers have complete access to our IM-Creator manual, How-To’s, FAQs and community forum. In addition, our email support is quick and responsive to your inquiries. As a Pro Plan customer, designers also have access to live assistance Monday through Friday.


Extra Income Opportunity


With IM-Creator, website designers have an opportunity to supplement their income by designing for us. It’s another way we work in partnership with professional designers. We encourage designers to submit their website designs for inclusion in our design template library. Each time someone chooses your design template for their website design, you receive income from it. To learn more about our web designers community, simply email your portfolio and contact information to design@imcreator.com.


Join Our Designer Community Today


With our designer-focused services and time-saving website building platform, IM-Creator is the best design software for professional website designers. Try out our service to see how well it complements your design firm and expands the offerings you can effortlessly provide to your clients. After all, more services mean more income for you.


Independent web designers or small website design firms will be particularly pleased to tap into our vast support services designed to assist you and your clients. Consider IM-Creator your partner in website design. Come join our web designers community today and begin realizing the benefits of a more streamlined design process that translates into higher earnings for you.