Flash Website Builder vs HTML Website Builder

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when building your own website is to create a static site – just a bunch of web pages with words and images that are never updated. Rather, you want to create a dynamic website with function, interaction and content that is updated or changed regularly.


Research that tracks website trends finds that websites with interactive components attract more visitors. What’s more, these visitors stay longer on dynamic websites, taking the time to browse through its pages.


So how do you turn your website from static to dynamic? That’s where Flash and HTML come in.


What Is HTML


HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language. It’s the language the Internet understands for displaying a website properly. In short, without HTML, a website cannot be built. The HTML coding allows a web browser to interpret images, text, documents, fill-in forms and other text-based components on web pages. But you don’t have to worry about this coding because as an HTLM website builder, we automatically code your web pages for you as you add in your content.


HTML is what enables us to offer you all sorts of website design enhancements, like different layout structures, various layout column options, your logo in the header, type styles and sizes, color themes and the like. This HTML language also enables interactive content to be embedded into your website. Combine HTML interactive capabilities with the functions of our HTML website builder and you can create and add comment or feedback forms, surveys or polls, product or services lists, food menus, mapped directions to your brick-and-mortar locations, links to your social media pages, and much more.


What Is Flash


Flash is a multimedia platform provided by Adobe, a computer software company. It has been a standard for website creation since 1996. In short, Flash adds pizzazz to a website. It enables games, animations, moving advertisements and other interactive features to run on websites. It also makes it possible to stream video and audio on your website, add captions and perform advanced video functions. In essence, Flash complements HTML websites.


Comparison of Flash and HTML Website Builders


Because of the versatility of HTML, most free website builders are developed on a HTML platform that is compatible with Flash. This compatibility enables you to still add Flash components to your website. But that’s not to say there aren’t any Flash website builders out there. There are a few; however, free Flash website builders are hard to come by because offering Flash technology isn’t cheap. And in most cases, websites really don’t need Flash. In fact, some of the biggest and well-known websites, like Apple for instance, don’t use Flash and they get noticed just fine.


There are other aspects to consider when comparing Flash website builders to HTML website builders:


1.   Longevity

As we mentioned, you don’t need Flash to run a website, but you do need HTML. Besides the fact that HTML is the language of websites, we mainly developed a HTML website builder because HTML is constantly evolving. The latest is HTML5, which will be completely released in 2014, but some components are already available and incorporated into our website builder. For example, thanks to HTML5, you can now:

  • Add a video player to your website without having to use a third-party supplier or plug-in.
  • Add an audio player to your website without the use of a plug-in like Flash.
  • Have your website automatically optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Add multimedia and rich vector graphics without relying on a plug-in.
  • Incorporate social sharing tools on your website, such as a Facebook Like button or a Twitter icon that links to your Twitter account.
  • Add all sorts of interactive widgets to your site, like a blog or RSS feed.


HTML is here to stay; after all it is the standard for website building. And it will continue to evolve to support advances in computers, mobile devices and multimedia in general.


Flash, on the other hand, is starting to see a decline, especially with the advent of HTML5 since HTML5 is offering most of the interactive functionality that Flash performs. Industry experts predict that HTML5 will eventually replace Flash for traditional website enhancements. As such, the longevity of Flash website builders is not as stable as that of HTML website builders.


2.   Search Engine Recognition

HTML is the standard Web format, so search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google use HTML to set their parameters for indexing web pages for when people conduct keyword searches. Our website builder takes this capability one step further by adding in search engine optimization (SEO) features, so your website title, description and meta tags are indexed by search engines. We also give you the option of adding titles and captions to your images, videos and other interactive elements on your website so they can be found by search engines, too. In fact, we make sure that all the content on your website is maximized to the fullest for search engine visibility.


While Flash website builders incorporate SEO features, they are not designed to incorporate the latest search engine crawling advancements. Furthermore, certain Flash components are not easily recognized by search engines, so they do nothing to increase your search results ranking. In short, websites built on Flash website builders aren’t always maximized for search engine visibility.


3.   Browser Compatibility

Because we are a HTML website builder, websites created using our free website builder are compatible with just about all browsers, including older versions, running on any type of operating system, such as Windows, Mac, etc. In addition, websites created with IM-Creator are compatible with all types of mobile devices running on all operating systems.


Websites created on a Flash website builder might not load or perform properly on certain browsers, particularly earlier versions. In addition, Flash websites on mobile devices often have compatibility problems, particularly those made by Apple.


4.   Coding Knowledge

Our HTML website builder can be used by anyone, with no knowledge of coding or programming required. Our pre-designed templates include the necessary programming or coding required for your site to load and run properly and to capture search engine attention. All you need to do is add in your content. As you add your content, our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing environment enables you to see exactly how your content will look online. If you have website design or programming experience, you have the option of editing our source codes as you create your desired site. However much control you want, you’ll have it with our HTML website builder.


To create a Flash website builder, some knowledge of coding is required, however Flash website builders offer technical support as needed. Although Flash website creators try to make their website building interface easy to use, it is helpful to have some experience in using Flash software, like Dreamweaver.


Come Build With Us


We chose to build a HTML website builder platform because, quite simply, HTML offers the most benefits to you now and in the future. After all, the first websites were created in HTML and it is HTML that has allowed websites to evolve into the interactive, highly compatible online communications that they are.


Whether you need a personal, professional, nonprofit, or e-commerce website, we have all the building and creating tools you need to create a great looking, interactive website that will command attention. Using IM-Creator is so quick and easy, you’ll have your ideal website up and running on the Internet within hours. And because our website builder is so simple to use for updating your website once it’s gone live, you can be sure your website stays dynamic by regularly changing certain web pages to keep the interest of your repeat visitors.


No matter what you need to create a website and keep it grabbing Internet traffic, we’re confident you’ll find all the tools to make it possible with IM-Creator, the only free HTML website builder designed with your needs in mind.