Editing Pictures

Replace an Existing Picture

  1. Select the picture you would like to replace
  2. Click “Replace Pic” in the top-menu
  3. A browse dialog box will open. Choose the new picture you would like to insert.
  4. The system will upload your new picture, a progress bar will appear on the left-lower side of the screen (note: pictures bigger than 512 kb will be resized, so your website will not be too heavy. This might take 5-10 seconds)
  5. That’s it! Your new picture will replace the old one, and will appear in the same place.


Crop a Picture

  1. Select a picture you wish to crop
  2. Click Crop in the top menu
  3. A cropping-frame will appear:
  • Drag and drop the cropping frame or the picture itself to adjust the cropping
  • Use the scale-slider to adjust the zoom of the picture
  • Click 1:1 to reset the picture to its original size
  • Click Fit to make the whole picture visible inside the frame
  • Click Fill to fill the frame entirely (some parts of the picture will be cropped)

Insert Picture Title / Description

  1. Select a picture
  2. Click Set Info in the top menu
  3. A Set Info dialog box will appear, where you can set title, description and link for the picture. This information will appear every time the user moves the mouse over the picture.