7. Texts

Working with Text

 Adding new text:

  1. Click Add an Element located on the upper grey-bar.
  2. Click the Text element.

That’s it – new text will be added to the screen.


Editing Text:

  1. Double-click on the text or click once on the text and choose Edit text located on the upper black ‘text’ bar. The text editing menu will appear, containing all the standard text settings: Font, Size, Style, Link, Alignment etc.
  2. Select the text you’d like to modify and change its settings using the text editing menu.
  3. When you are finished modifying the text, click anywhere outside the text box.



Creating a title text element:

A title element will enlarge the text so it will fill the entire text element box. This option is great if you have a specific area you wish to cover with the text. You can only create titles from short text, about ten words long.

  1. Select the text element you wish to use as a title.
  2. Click on Fit text in the upper grey editing bar. This option will only appear if the text is short enough.
  3. Drag the borders of the text box until you find the size you want. The text will automatically adjust to the size of the box.



Adding a scroll bar:

If your text is long but you don’t want it to cover the entire page, you can add a scroll bar inside the element.  This way you can present your visitors with all the information without compromising on the design.

  1. Select the text element you wish to add a scroll bar to. 
  2. Click on Advanced in the upper grey editing bar. The Advanced Text Settings box will open.
  3. Check the box Show a scroll bar if text is long.
  4. Click OK.

The scroll bar will automatically appear when the text is longer then the area of the box.



Copying text from other sources:

Generally, we recommend copying texts from word documents and not directly from an external website since HTML text copying sometimes comes with extra ‘styling’ data. If your pasted text behaves “funny”, select all of it and click on “RF” (Remove Formatting) buttons – that will clean it up.



Our editor comes with tons of great fonts, free for both commercial and personal use.



We support them all.  😎


RTL / LTR:  

Working with Right-to-Left/Left-to-Right text is fairly simple. First – be sure to clean your text after pasting it (see: Copying text from other sources), then switch the whole text to the right direction by clicking the “Right to Left” button.