24. Publishing Your Site

Free vs. Premium  –  subscription plans

Our tools, designs and support service are all free. Once you complete your site and click “publish”, you will get a free domain under our URL with yourusername/yoursite  (you will see the address at the top of the Publish pop-up window, unveil it by clicking the “like” button).

Once you wish to connect your site to your own domain (in the form of www.yousite.com), you can choose one of our subscription plans. Connecting your site to a domain will allow you and your clients to find your site easier using a catchy domain-name. Websites which are connected to a domain appear higher in google searches and can be shared more easily using the various social networks.



Existing Domain

If you own a domain, you can easily connect it to your site with us.

Once you click Publish, choose a subscription plan and complete the payment, you will have the option of connecting an existing domain.

Choose “connect an existing domain” and follow the instructions.




Domain connection troubleshooting

I connected my site and now see a “Heroku – no app” under my domain

It means the connection is almost complete – you just need to re-publish your site:

Go to Editor → Settings →  Domain, enter your domain name and click Connect


I see a message that my site is already taken by another user.

This might be because you have a site in your account that is already connected. You need to disconnect the site you first connected in order to connect the new one:

Open the site you first connected with the Editor. Click Settings →  Domain, enter a “fake” domain such as xxxxxxxxx.com and click Connect.

Open the site you wish to connect with the Editor. Click Settings → Domain, enter your REAL domain and click Connect

site not found – if you see this message trying to access your site immediately after you connect it, don’t worry. It usually takes up to 48 hours for a website to be activated globally.