1. Getting Started


Our website editor is a new way to create your website: choose a design, insert your content and publish it to the world – all in one simple, clear and seamless process.

All sites built on our platform look great on mobiles and tablets but you can also choose one of the mobile templates, optimal for mobile browsing, to build your site.



To start building your site, just click the blue “Start Now” button located on the home page. No registration necessary!



Choose a Template / Start From Blank

After clicking the Start Now button (and also after registering or logging in) you will have the option to either “Choose a Template”, “Start from Blank” or “My Sites”.


The start dialog

Choose a template: Browse through our templates collection categorized by themes and choose the one that fits you best. Once in the editor, you will be able to customize and change any element in the template. You will always be able to connect a new template to your domain if you want to redesign your site – at no extra cost.

Start from blank: Choose to start with a blank page. The default size of a blank website is three pages but you can add or delete pages as you wish.

If this is your first time building a website, we recommend using one of our templates as they are pre-designed.

My sites: This is the section where you will find the sites that you saved in the system.