The Design Evolution of 10 Notorious Websites






April 2005

1. youtube



February 2014



 October 1998

2. yahoo


February 2014

2b. yahoo


There is a light that never goes out… it continues to lure people long after it was lit. Two things match that description: sites and stars. Unlike stars, which fade away in the end and may well be dead by the time their light reaches us here, some websites are very much alive after thriving for decades.

You know of whom I speak. Giants like Youtube, Yahoo, or Microsoft have been around for ages, but their official websites haven’t always looked half as good as they do now. In fact, they’ve come a long way. It’s almost hilarious to note the crudeness of your average UI only a few years ago, but looking back makes you realize just how much technology has evolved – and design with it.



Regardless of their roots, world-renowned websitses have one thing in common. They all started out as brilliant ideas that caught a beautiful shape thanks to graphic/web designers. Their appealing design is the main reason why millions of users crowded to their services. Which begs the question, how do you make your website as memorable?



July 1997

3. apple


February 2014

3b. apple




October 1996

4. cnet



February 2014

4b. cnet



October 1996

5. microsoft


February 2014

5b. microsoft



Naturally, when setting out to create a website, your very first concern is that it should look stunning. What few people understand is that it’s well within their power to make great things happen – if only they work with an accomplished website builder.

Take IMCreator, for instance. This tool offers loads of ready-made gorgeous templates to use for yourself. Not only does it enable the average Joe to craft dashing sites with ease, but it doesn’t charge a penny for its services. Intrigued ? Visit their page, take the 60-second tour, and you’ll see what it’s all about.



June 2000

6. cnn



February 2014

6b. cnn



December 1996

7. dell


February 2014

7b. dell



 October 1996

8. bmw



February 2014

8b. bmw



February 1997

9. pixar



January 2014

9b. pixar



October 2003

10 a myspace


February 2014

10b myspace


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