More Design Flexibility, Easier Template Switching

Since IM Creator’s launch in 2011, our goal was to allow people to create the great website they always wanted in an easy, fast and affordable way.

In addition to the freedom of updating your site any time you want – even after it’s live – with no additional costs or dependency on someone to do it for you, we added a new feature of easy template switching.

With IM Creator’s new website management system, it’s easier than ever to switch your website’s design.

Had a website for a year and want to give it a new twist or design?



Current Site


New site with a new design


Logging in to your site, the top left corner will indicate how many licenses you purchased and of which, how many you are actually using.

If you are looking to switch a design of a site that is linked to a domain, all you need to do is disconnect the license and domain from the current template and attach it to the new.

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