How to Create a Modeling Portfolio – Tips To Success

Models need to follow the hard and long path from being undiscovered to the front page of the fashion magazine. Having a printed portfolio and a newly established Instagram account is hardly the road to recognition and fame unless you are Cindy Crawford.

The beauty and fashion industry are facing fierce competition with thousands of new models eager to get to the limelight and world most popular catwalks. Getting spotted by real jet sets of the world of looking good seems impossible without having advanced modern tools like a website.

The fashion world is a bub for millions of men and women making their way to the pages of top fashion magazines. Having a stunning web portfolio is a good way to kick-off. It is a chance to establish a strong web representation and show off not only your stunning photos but also personality and other essentials of the killing portfolio.

While one can hardly imagine a model with coding or web designing skills, website builders come as an ultimate solution to the problem.

Website builder appears to be a simple tool to create an award-winning website from scratch without the slightest necessity of being a technical nerd. But first, consider more planning tips to build a modeling portfolio website that will stand out.

1. A Bunch of Killing Photos for a Start – Choose the Right Photographer

Forming a set of stunning photos is the first step on the way to the catwalk. Most models usually opt for typical agencies that offer traditional shooting services. Other with limited budgets ask their friend to help. Both pre-approved and amateur pals photographers are hardly the best choices. As a rule, agency employees shoot similar photos without concentrating on your individuality while friends-photographers are new to the fashion and beauty industry even if the work on National Geographic.

Do the research and check photographer’s websites. Explore their shooting style and decide whether it meets your expectations and preferences. Read customer’s reviews and testimonials. Never miss “About Me” section that can be crucial when choosing a proper photographer.

2. Show Off the Most Stunning and Diverse Photos

Ah, finally! The shooting session is over. You are satisfied with the photos and ready to from your first professional modeling portfolio. This is where you need to focus on both quality and versatility. The more different images you have, the clearer vision of your talent it will make for potential employers. Do not stick to similar poses and outfits. Try different colors, clothing styles, and haircuts.

Some agencies recommend avoiding any emotions on model’s face during a shooting session. This is your chance to stand out from hundreds of similar portfolios. Make a couple of “smiling” headshots. Try to express different feelings and emotions showing that you are also a great actor. A typical portfolio consists of 10-20 images. Make sure they depict all your beneficiary issues.

3. Go Behind the Curtains with Natural Photos

Being a model is not only about posing and showing off. For millions of men and women, it turns into a lifestyle especially when it comes to food, clothes, and entertainments. Including several behind the scene, photos would be a great idea to grab the attention of designers and leading agencies.

Add some images from your previous fashion shows and shoots that would introduce you as a person able to behave with ease even if your pants rip off right on the catwalk.

4. Create a Branded Portfolio – Watermark Your Photos

Watermarks serve various purposes. On the one hand, they protect your content from stealing and frauds. On the other hand, they let you establish your personal unique and recognizable brand. A watermark will become the signature that lets you stand out from millions of photos alike. Adding your last name and is a good idea as well as using website’s domain that can also include your first and last name.

5. Go Online – Create a Website that Speaks Volumes

Stay calm! Nothing difficult here. No need to learn how to code or find out lots of strange and weird stuff like CSS and HTML. Simply choose IM Creator and build a decent web portfolio from scratch within a couple of hours!

Go online to establish a strong web representation. Let other people find you on the global web and see your stunning photo. Create and publish a website with just a click away. Edit pages, add widgets and customize each section using a simple drag-and-drop section. Website builders come as a simple and functional tool to create stunning portfolios that really stand out.

6. Get Spotted by Millions of Potential Followers and Fans

Start with “About Me” section. Let’s break the stereotypes and tell people that models are far from being just cute faces and skinny jeans. Use this section to express your personality and speak about your preferences, talents, and hobbies. A good idea is to include some important aspects from professional perspectives. It does not mean you should write a CV simply listing your qualities and shows. Try to be informal and write in an appealing manner.

7. Blogging Truly Works Personal Magic

Your modeling portfolio looks pretty daunting without some personal magic. A blog on your website will definitely bring that desired magic. Hold it right there! It does not mean you need to write about birds you have just seen or pets you like. Try to keep it in a more professional manner. Show off your state and knowledge of the fashion and beauty trends. Simple “How to” guides will be a good idea. For example, add stories and articles about:

  • How to Wear Beanie Hats;
  • Top Summer Swimsuit Trends;
  • Things to Toss: Cleaning Out My Wardrobe.

The mission here is to establish a unique and recognizable writing style that will eventually turn into your personal signature and introduce you as a real fashion guru. IM Creator make it easy to create and manage your blog. Simply add text and images with just a click away.

8. Stay in the Limelight with Social Media

A good thing to have millions of followers on your Instagram or Facebook page. But you are not Lena Gercke. On the other hand, social networks are still a powerful channel of generating traffic and catching the attention of target audience including designers, agencies, and fashion editors.

With IM Creator, linking your portfolio with major social networks will be a piece of cake. It offers social button widgets to let your visitors share your posts and photos as well as create your own fan pages and publish new articles from the blog with a couple of touches.

9. Use Videos to Promote Your Portfolio

Adding high-quality photos to your modeling portfolio is not enough. You need to use diverse media content to keep the visitors engaged. The latest Facebook analytics show that videos appear to be the most powerful tool when it comes to users’ engagements with the post.

IM Creator makes it easy to add any type of media content including high-resolution videos. You can simply upload files from YouTube and Vimeo as well as other available video sites. The videos may contain your previous catwalk experience, traveling episodes or funny scenes from behind the curtains.

10. Market Yourself for the Overwhelming Limelight Story

Now, you have a website with a stunning portfolio, capturing blog, detailed information about you in addition to social presence and media content. All you need is to make leading agencies and fashion magazines spot you.

Use all possible channels from social platforms to simple SEO tools delivered by your website builder. Focus on keywords related to your niche. Edit titles and descriptions and remember that there is something more than just a catchy introduction of a pretty face on the web when being a model.

Handle All the Steps Effortlessly Using IM Creator

Designed to create colorful and catchy portfolios, IM Creator lets you easily handle all the issues we have described in the article below. The website builder is a simple instrument aimed to help models, photographers and other technical newbies create a stunning site from scratch. Simply choose a nice-looking template that is already mobile friendly and start editing it with just a click away. Add eye-catching photos and create standing out portfolios using drag-n-drop features. Edit texts and add new articles to the already built-in blog section.

IM Creator makes it easy to manage other types of files including multimedia content. Download your videos within seconds. Publish a complete portfolio by pressing a single button and start marketing yourself in from of leading modelling agencies and magazines. Your walk to the limelight and most recognizable catwalks starts with IM Creator.

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