Client Spotlight – Ursula, a Fashion Consultant

Meet Ursula, a London fashion consultant who loves building websites 🙂

Ursula Gross-Hohnacker is a Fashion Consultant and personal shopper who built several sites with IM.
We asked her recently about designing websites, her experience with IM and life in general 😉

Hi Ursula, so where do you find your design inspiration? We noticed your sites are very welcoming, with a lot of bright colors.

I have built 3 websites with IM – fashion, fashion accessories and fragrance. So I try to find inspiration in different places, depending on the nature of the site.  I think color, the natural world and fashion constantly inspire me.

You can check out Ursula’s Pinterest Page


What’s the first thing you ask a client when asked to create a website for them?

I try first to get an idea of the image or branding a client (or just a friend seeking advice) is looking to achieve. From there, it’s easier to be able to portray an identity.

What’s the most common mistake you see clients make when planning a website? 

Making them too obscure and artsy rather than sticking to their central subject.

What’s the easiest thing to do in order to make a website look up-to-date all the time?

I would make sure your homepage looks fresh, even if you haven’t got the time to update all of the content. An outdated website can make sure a bad impressions.

Why do you like using IM Creator?

Simplicity, friendly people (thanks, Ursula! :-P) and it gave me, who was a novice, a chance to do something a lot of people said I can’t.

What’s the best web design tip you can share with IM users?

Do not over-complicate things – make the site easy to navigate – I’m still learning this and allow the site to grow with you which is just what IM allows you to do.


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