How to Choose the Right Website Builder?

Most of you have asked questions plenty of questions when facing the need of building a website from scratch:

  • Will I have to handle too much of admin work?
  • Do I need to have any technical skills?
  • Will it take a month to build a solid website from scratch and publish it on the web?

Most of you refused from the idea of hiring development teams considering the price for a simple business card, blog or portfolio. Others cannot afford spending months necessary to handle all the development stages in addition to website support and maintenance.

The situation has changed to better with the introduction of website builders. They proved to be essential helpers for newbies who want to represent themselves of their companies online. Website builders make it easy to create any site despite the purpose. Whether you need a colorful blog, professional looking portfolio, a corporate website or a digital store, the software comes as an ultimate solution without the slightest necessity of writing a line of code.

Affordable prices and multiple plans will suit any budget and provide full freedom when creating a functional website with a full pack of e-commerce, SEO, Blogging, and other features. The only challenge is to choose the right platform. Check our tips to select the software that will exceed your expectations depending on your purposes and goals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Website Builder

While there are so many different website builders, choosing a proper one can be a bit daunting. For this reason, you need to have a clear understanding of why you actually need a website. Define its main functions and purposes:

  • What features should it have?
  • How are you going to use it in future?
  • What type of content will it contain?

After you answer these questions, consider the following aspects when choosing the best website builder.

Is the Website Builder Easy Enough to Use?

Let’s consider, you do not have the slightest technical or coding skill. For this reason, you need a platform designed specially for amateurs and newbies. Most website builders come with a simple drag-n-drop function based on WYSISWG technologies. It lets you easily add, remove or edit content, website block or section. You can customize each page and download media content with just several clicks.

Can You Improve Website Usability?

Creating a website is not enough to grow recognition and traffic. It is supposed to be user-friendly and intuitive for users. The level of usability increases users’ engagement, which is vital for your resource. Major website builders provide a selection of easily customizable templates for different needs. As a rule, they are divided into categories in accordance with a specific field. The features may include:

  • Mobile Responsive Templates – your website is ready to use on mobile devices;
  • High-Quality Design – all platforms boast a sold design in addition to overview features. You can decide if the template meets your needs before applying it;
  • Trendy UI Design Features – modern templates come with visual effects like parallax scrolling, etc.

You can build a functional and up-to-date website within a couple of hours to meet your users’ expectation.

Can You Afford The Cost of Website Builders?

The cost is the major issue for most of us. Limited budgets do not let us opt for custom development teams that charge thousands of dollars for a simple photographer portfolio. Moreover, you need to deal with hosting provider and domain name registration. Both may also cost a fortune. Website builders come as a cost-effective solution considering a variety of plans to meet any budget.

Some platforms offer free plans. Although they are hard enough to come up with a decent site, you can check all functions and features delivered by the software. The prices also vary. However, they never exceed $15-$30 per month. For that money you get:

  • Free Hosting & Domain;
  • Enough bandwidth to host your files;
  • Free templates and themes;
  • Free widgets, apps, and add-ons;
  • Customer support depending on the plan.

Website Builder has certainly proved to be a more cost-effective solution.

Special Features and Widgets

Website builders make it easy to customize your every page adding special widgets and apps. As a rule, those widgets are already included in your plan, while platforms boast their own App Stores. Simply choose the app you need to create a stunning blog, add social sharing buttons, connect your website with major social platforms, enable e-commerce and SEO options, etc.

Does a Website Builder Allow Third-Party Integration?

You may sometimes need to integrate your website with other CRM and service to provide an enhanced users’ experience as well as track your results and stats. For this reason, a website builder should be available for integration with third parties. Not only will it let you grow your business, but also generate detailed reports in Google Analytics and other services.

Mobile Friendly Templates

The modern world keeps going mobile with almost 90% of all users in the world accessing the global web via mobile devices. You also need to stay trendy and follow the latest mobile technological improvements. Website builders provide mobile-ready templates ready to use on various devices including tablets and smartphones whether they are supported by Android, iOS or any other operating system.

Full Scaled Preview Mode

While we are using mobile responsive templates delivered by a chosen platform, we need to check how our website will look like on various devices. Look for a preview mode before opting for software. Not all website builders have this function that lets you check how a published website will run on a smartphone, desktop version or tablet.

Is Customer Support Available 24/7?

Considering the fact that website builders are for newbies, users may sometimes require professional assistance, especially when getting started. The availability of customer support is important. As a rule, website builders provide tutorials and video guides that make the things pretty clear. FAQ sections and blogs with topical posts may also come in handy. Premium plans should include live chats and online support team.

Can a Website Builder Grow Your Business?

We are constantly looking for a chance to develop and grow our business. The global web provides a different way to increase traffic and attract more potential customers. Make sure a chosen platform has all necessary tool for those purposes. They may include:

  • SEO Features to increase your website’s search engine rankings and recognition on the web;
  • E-Commerce Tools to manage your sales and products as well as track results;
  • Analytic Tools to monitor major performance rates and stats;
  • Social Network Features to speak volumes and cover broaden target audience.

Check for the slightest tool that can let you updated your services and deliver advanced user experience.

Does a Website Builder have Restrictions?

Some website builders establish limitations on the number of boxes used on the page as well as the number of media files you can attach. As a rule, those limitations are a part of free plans and trials. Once you need a set of extended features, simply opt for premium plans that suit your budget.

IM Creator – An Ultimate Website Building Solution

Bringing all those factors to a single structure may turn into a tough challenge. Luckily, IM Creator developers made their best not only to meet customers’ needs but also exceed their expectations when it comes to creating a solid website for different purposes. IM Creator mission is to deliver an ultimate website building solution. The platform uses latest technologies with a bunch of handful features to make your website functional, easy-to-use and able to grow business.

A selection of versatile features makes the software ideal for different needs whether you want to create a bright portfolio and blog featuring thousands of followers or a solid company’s online representation. Advanced e-Commerce features are good for creating a decent webshop while SEO functions will let users drive traffic and stand out from other competitors on the web. Cost-effective and easy to implement, IM Creator provides everything you may need in one pack. Benefit from a variety of tools and ensure a successful web representation.

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