Flat Design Trends Examples and Fonts

In the early 2000’s designers used to focus on using flashy illustrations and various animations in order to show off their skills. Later on we saw a trend of skeuomorphic design, however, these days it’s all about flat designing because it has nothing to do with artificial design techniques. I like to think of flat designing as a classic and simple aesthetic sense.

Flat design is basically all about minimalistic design approach which also emphasizes in usability. If you love simplicity and feel like giving a break to your visitor’s eyes, you should definitely opt for flat designing (some of our most popular templates are “flat designed”). The designing is really smooth with fewer distractions. Google is a fine example of Flat Designing as it has a lot of white space and designing is straight to the point. There are no flashy images or animations. You can come up with some extremely creative flat designs that are not boring if you consider yourself a good designer.

Flat design has been a talk of the town, undoubtedly. People are doing a lot of comparisons between flat designs and the regular designing because these approaches are completely opposite and both are in trend. Some people believe that this trend is here to stay and according to some designers, this will be one of the passing fads. Regardless of the difference in opinions, designers have been implementing flat designs into their work. Obviously flat designing cannot be implemented for every project however, if you are looking to create simple yet beautiful interfaces, you should definitely opt for flat designing.

Today, in this article, we will be discussing flat design trends that are really in along with the examples for your better understanding. Flat design is in, let’s see what sort of fonts are trendy for flat designing.

Typography for Flat designs:

Life in Greenville – http://lifeingreenville.com/

Life in Greenville

Cider – http://www.austineastciders.com/


Circles – Meetups for the Creative Types – http://circlemeetups.com/

Circles – Meetups for the Creative Types

Fitbit –  http://www.fitbit.com/


As a designer, it is important for you to understand the importance of typography in flat designing. A good typography is anything which pleases the eye and makes reading easy. Of course, you should keep in mind that the typography should complement the entire look your website.

As the name suggests, flat designing is basically a simple design and since it has everything to do with simplicity, you can and should use simple font pairings. You can use two types of fonts belonging to the same family.

Since the design is simple, people tend to use bright colors in flat designing. Hence, it is very important that you focus on weights and clean lines when it comes to lettering. Select a typeface that has strokes and complement your designing. The font should be sharp and should add visual interest for the audience.

Selecting a TypeFace:

goodness – http://www.goodnesspopup.com/


Yes Nurse – http://www.yesnurse.co.uk/


Wistia – http://wistia.com/


I have seen a lot of designers going with serif typefaces when they are working on a flat design, however, they are not the only option. Just because you are working on something simple, it does not mean that you do not have options. There are a few novelty typefaces that a designer can use.

As mentioned earlier, as of now Sans Serif Typefaces are the most popular ones when it comes to flat designing. The best thing about them is that they are easy to read and complement simplicity. Also, they blend in well with most of the backgrounds.

Serif Typefaces are being used every now and then but they are not very common. A few designers who are looking for a formal look with an added touch of embellishments are using Serif typefaces.

Like I said earlier, designers tend to go for a single type family in order to create a harmonious look. So, select one that offers you a variety. You can also use novelty typefaces in flat designing. While selecting a novelty typeface, you should keep all the attributes of a sans serif in mind. Do not go for a font that looks too decorated or embellished. You can use two typefaces as well but be sure to use one from novelty typefaces. You can use novelty typefaces for headlining and large text.

As a designer, use your creative side and play with fonts. Sometimes it is good to play safe with ‘Arial’ font however, add variety to your flat designing otherwise your project will look like just another flat designing project and won’t stand out.

Well-Written text:

Build Responsively  – http://buildresponsively.com/


Apart from font types, make sure your text is well written.

Color and Font Pairing:

The most famous combination of black and white is very popular in flat designing. If you want to play it safe, this is the best option for you. It is very important for you to select the correct color and typeface s that the text is easily readable.

Space and Size:

Captain Dash – http://captaindash.com/


koppy – http://www.koppy.nl/


Haus of Design- http://www.hausofdesign.co.uk/


When it comes to flat designing, you have a lot of space so you should definitely put it to some good use. You should give your typeface plenty of breathing space. This will attract user’s attention in a better way.

If you can, increase the size of the typeface as well. This is totally applicable if you are using a thinner sans serif. Increasing the size will make it readable.

Handling space and size is not an easy thing. You need to experiment and play with different variations. Use your designing skills and see what looks best.










Museo Slab


Flat designing is constantly evolving and a lot of new things will be introduced. The key here is to experiment and play with fonts and sizes. You will surely come up with something excellent. We’ll leave you with some great font suggestions.


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