Design a Winning Navigation Menu

Each site has its own needs when it comes to how many tabs it needs in its navigation menu. But one thing all websites have in common – they need an easy to navigate, uncluttered and clear menu.

Visitors to your site should be able to find their way quickly (just like in real life, 😉 ), so here are a couple of examples to inspire you to help them do so.


No funny Business

Clean&Simple navigation bar – Wayne Rodrigues, music producer, chose a very straightforward approach to his navigation menu. With 4 tabs, his visitors know exactly where they are and can navigate easily between his bio, discography and most



Music to my ears

Dan McClew is a musician and his website and navigation menu is all about that – his art. The home page features a picture of Dan at work and the navigation bar easily directs visitors to his music, shows and bio.


Holding all aces



DDC Creative Design has a gorgeous website that shows what they do best – design. Same goes with their navigation menu which fits with the black and white, fresh and modern design of the site.

Where’s Waldo?

YourKitchen‘s website is a clever one. And so is their navigation menu. YourKitchen is a creative workshop and as such, not just every ordinary visitor will be able to find their navigation menu.. Can you find it? 🙂



Pure and simple

Guillermo Meza, is an up-and-coming brilliant Industrial Designer. His website is all about his work and products so it is only natural that his menu is out of the ordinary as well. His website is a one-pager so each menu tab is an anchor. Once clicked, you are redirected to the area in the page that the tab links to.


In the bag

Ana Beatriz Valladares is a unique artist from Brazil. Her website is has vertical elements to it and so is the menu navigation tabs. They’re clear, simple and direct visitors to her work and info.

Don’t miss a beat

Dennis J. Riggs provides accounting, consulting and tax services. His website is very chic and trendy, explaining the visitor immediately what he does. As his homepage has a lot of verbiage, Dennis made sure no visitor misses the navigation menu and added it twice – at the bottom and top of page.  


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