Client Spotlight – Melisah May

Melisah May is a 30 year old artist and illustrator from Newcastle, Australia.

She designed her own unique portfolio on IM Creator last January and we asked her about the website creation process and her inspiration.

My site is my business identity, it showcases a select snapshot of my work and contains all of the links to take you to where I am on the net. I update it regularly and I like to keep it clean and easy to navigate, while still being creative. I have been working freelance as an illustrator and artist for about 8 years, and I am also a secondary art and photography teacher. Eventually I would love to freelance full time as an illustrator.

I wanted my website to be an extension of my work and illustration style. I primarily use ink and watercolour so I incorporated the top and bottom banner to reiterate this aesthetic. I have a tendency to overcrowd things sometimes, so I made a concentrated effort to pare the design right back and keep it as simple as possible. IM is fantastic for this because the elements are all uniform but still allow me to tweak them slightly to fit my style. 

I spent a couple of days on it initially, testing out a few different design ideas until I decided on the final one. I actually really enjoyed playing around with the creator!   I heard about IM Creator through a friend who is a make-up artist. She had absolutely no web experience at all and I was blown away when I saw her site! She pointed me in the right direction, and I joined straight away. Melisah added a link to her Blog   Make use of the simple, uncluttered layouts IM Creator provides, but make sure you include your own spin on things. Small accents added to every page on your site, or a streamlined colour palette can make all the difference. And don’t go with the first design you see, play around with the creator and see what things you come up with – have fun with it! Melisah added a link to her store on Melisah May Illustration explores surreal, metaphorical themes through the use of ink and watercolour. Taking inspiration from fashion, pop culture, travel and an insatiable appetite for art and photography, the work is feminine, emotional, and loyal to the imperfections and contradictions concerned with beauty.


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