Client Spotlight – Gabby Chung, Photographer

We’ve recently came across a beautiful and unique photography website built with IM. Gaby Chung is an L.A. based photographer who built her site, with us. We asked her if she could share with us the story of her business and site.

Gaby Chung Photography

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your site? 

I started my photography business 3 years ago, which specializes in lifestyle photography (newborn, family, maternity, engagements, etc.).  I blend classic portraiture and documentary style photography to capture candid moments that tell my clients’ stories.   I absolutely love the art of photography and can conceive doing this until I’m old and gray, and my tiny frail fingers no longer allow me to press down on the shutter button. My ultimate goal is to become the go-to wedding photographer, so that’s next on my to-do list!

What inspired your website design ?

 I’ve always appreciated modern, clean-looking websites that were easy to navigate.  I was especially wary of having anything close to a clutter-filled site with an overwhelming amount of content.  You know, the type of website where every square inch of screen space is filled with text or images and you’re not quite sure where you should look first?  Yeah, that’s what I knew I didn’t want.  My website design is simple and straightforward, but it’s still engaging and visually appealing (a reflection of my photographic style).  I really feel that I’ve created a site that is as unique as the photographs I take, with content that demonstrates my talent and versatility to potential clients. 

How long did it take you to create the site? 

 A friend of mine used IM Creator to build his website and suggested that I check it out.  It wasn’t the only website builder I considered, but I was immediately drawn to how easy it was to use.  I found that it gave me the most freedom to execute my vision exactly as I had imagined.  It took me just under a month to get it just right.  Though, I am a perfectionist, so it’s never quite right!  But that’s the beauty of IM Creator.  It gives me the flexibility to change the entire layout, add and delete photos, or nudge a text box ever so slightly, whenever I please.

Lastly, what one great tip would you give other photographs who wish to create their own site?

Sometimes, less is more.  It’s wonderful advice for creating a compelling image and also applies to a great website design.  I think any designer will achieve a more effective website when the focus is on the quality of the content.

Building your own site doesn’t have to be hard work, try to have fun with your site, discover what you can create and feel free to experiment. You can always find inspiration from other sites built on IM which are features on our Featured page.
Gaby Chung Photography Gaby Chung Photography Gaby Chung Photography Gaby Chung Photography


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