Building a Perfect Landing Page – The Ultimate Guide

For many years, the term “landing page” has been used by marketers and promoters as an award-winning tactic. It can be implemented every time you need to boost sales or drive more online traffic to a website product or service you provide. Today, landing pages have proved to be a fundamental element in every marketer’s toolkit whether they promote brick-to-mortar or innovative business models.

The term itself describes online visitors who actually “land” on the particular page guided by the ad or email direction. The core idea of the page is to provide a clear vision of the product and its core benefits for the buyer. An effective landing page explains why a customer needs the service or product and how it might help. Although you may come across endless articles related to the topic, we decided to conduct an ultimate guide on how to create an effective landing page by yourself using a fast and simple online website builder.

Do I Really Need a Landing Page?

Some people think that a landing page is nothing but a useless trick. The instrument usually costs a lot. For this reason, some business owners and entrepreneurs underestimate the effect a landing page might have. IM Creator make it easy to come up with a stunning marketing tool without any help from third parties, marketing agencies or developers. Create your own exclusive landing page within a couple of hours and benefit from the following:

  • Target the Right Audience – a landing page lets you target your particular buyer persona. You can drive local traffic focused on the necessary town or state. Moreover, the tool lets you generate as much customers’ info as possible. You can collect emails, phone numbers and other data that can be later used for your newsletters and other campaigns. The core benefit is that all data refers to people who are potentially interested in your service/product. In other words, a perfect landing page makes it easy to target a specific business segment;
  • Greater Advertising Opportunities – a landing page is an instrument that lets marketers affect their campaigns, customer service initiatives, sales, etc. A properly optimized page results in detailed analytics and data that further drives better conversion rate;
  • Increased Conversion – a perfect landing page comes as a decision-making instrument for the customer. It makes your visitors take an action like make a purchase, make an order or subscribe. The more actions are being taken the higher conversion rate is;
  • Brand Awareness – a perfect landing page comes with the exclusive style. It is aimed at boosting your brand’s recognition and popularity. Your potential buyers become more familiar with a new brand/product/service you want to popularize;
  • Lead Capture – a proper landing page acts as your online lead capture workhouse. All you need is to create signup forms for your visitors.

As a result, we have an ultimate marketing tool that is perfect for any size and type of business. Whether you want to promote your business workshop, fitness training, product or Private Label, landing page might be very helpful.

Essential Features of a Perfect Landing Page

Each landing page should be exclusive depending on the type of service or product you promote. For this reason, you should not expect a magic formula from us. A perfect framework does not exist. On the other hand, we decided to highlight some essential features that define an effective landing page from a poor one. All you need is to put all the points together and add some uniqueness. So, the fundamental features include:

  • Catchy and Compelling Heading – your visitors will never stay on the page unless they are attracted by the heading, The latest stats show that 90% of all visitors read the heading and only 10% read the text below. It means that your heading is actually the only way to make visitors stay on the page. It should be clear, relevant and empathic. Ask a question, use “How to” headings, add some humor, provide a unique value proposition (UVP) right from the start;
  • Creative Copywriting – this one is probably the most challenging. Your copy should contain UVP, highlight the key benefits of your service/product, convince the visitor to buy/order/subscribe, etc. Keep an eye on the formatting, writing style, and the word count. Do not overload your page with the copy amount and make sure, you provide all necessary info;
  • Media for Engagement – use various formats of media files to result in better users’ engagement with your landing page. From catchy images and videos to charts, GIFs and infographics;
  • Lead Capture Forms – it is your essential instrument to collect as much users’ info as possible. Implement various types of subscription forms, place buttons in different parts of the age for maximum engagement;
  • Strong Call-to-Action – this is the most important element of your landing page. Make sure it stands out from other sections and attracts attention. An effective landing page has a call-to-action button of the right size in the right place;
  • White Space – this element is used to highlight the necessary button or form. A special design technique improves page readability by reducing the clutter.

You can make your landing page look more trusted and reliable by adding some elements like Privacy Policy, Testimonials section. A-star rating or trusted badges. The list above might make you think that creating a proper landing page is a tough challenge. Well, it is. However, IM Creator makes the process as easy and fast as possible.

Why Choose Website Builder for a Landing Page?

Today, website builders make it easy to handle any project from a complex corporate website or an online store to a single-page website. They come as an ultimate web solution for those who do not want to overpay when hiring custom developers, web designers, and copywriters. IM Creator appears to be an all-in-one solution perfect for building exclusive landing pages that will drive your business to succeed without having coding skills or marketing knowledge. The main benefits of using IM Creator include:

  • Huge Collection of Templates – the platform delivers a vast array of templates designed for landing pages especially. Choose a theme from a matching category and start editing it at once. All templates are ready to use on mobile devices and feature great design;
  • Ease of Use – edit your landing page with just a click away. A simple drag-and-drop option will let you easily change content, add media files and texts, remove blocks, etc.;
  • Widgets and Apps – choose from a selection of subscription forms to capture leads, add stunning call-to-action buttons, implement white paper tactics;
  • SEO – use optimal SEO settings to let your landing page get higher in the search engines ranking and reach a wider audience;
  • Analytics – integrate various analytic tools to track the conversion rate as well as define the most effective traffic channels and sources.

IM Creator has proved to be an ultimate tool for building landing pages. Whether you need to gain the brand’s recognition or boost sales, the software has plenty of tools to offer when designing a stunning one-page website.

Steps to Create a Perfect Landing Page Using IM Creator

IM Creator makes it easy to build a professional landing page for free and without special skills. It will take you a couple of hours to come up with a solid one-page website that will drive traffic. All you need is to follow several simple steps of our ultimate guide.

Step #1 – Choose a Template

First of all, you need to visit the IM Creator website, sign in and choose a template for your future landing page. It offers a selection of themes for different types of business. Pick a template and start customizing it.

Step #2 – Edit Your Page

Then you will get to the dashboard featuring drag-and-drop editor to work with the page structure and content. You can change any section you like. IM Creator does not limit you with its template structure while many other website builders do. You are free to make the necessary changes.

Step #3 – Add Content

A proper amount of content can kill or drive your landing page to success. You should not overload your visitors with tons of useless information. The idea is to highlight key values of your product or service. Use IM Creator drag-and-drop editor to remove or change text blocks. Advanced settings let you experiment with text sizes and styles. Make sure each text block is logically connected with the previous one. Use media content like videos, GIFs and images to increase user engagement.

Step #4 – Improve Your SEO

IM Creator makes it easy to build a SEO friendly website. Get to the top of search rankings using simple settings. The software lets you insert website’s focus keywords, titles and descriptions. It is an effective way to optimize your future landing page’s search engine results.

Step #5 – Publish Your Landing Page

Once you have finished the fourth stage, you can finally go live with your brand new landing page. The website builder lets you save and preview the future website before you publish it. If you are totally satisfied with the look and structure, simply press the “publish” button and start your beneficiary online presence.

The Bottom Line

IM Creator is a website builder that lets you easily create a professional landing page without special skills. You do not need to hire professional marketers and web designers anymore. Benefit from a selection of one-page templates that are ready to use on mobile devices. Pick from a matching category and start the editing process.

The platform brings all necessary tools from simple editing to advanced SEO features. Increase users’ engagement with different media file formats, customize the page creating a unique style, add widgets and subscription forms to generate customers’ info. IM Creator will make it easy to create, publish and promote your landing page from scratch.

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