New! IM Free – the Anti Stock Photo

We’re tired of dull stock photography: cliché pictures that cost too much. We want it real and unique – from real photographers, with real people. Free for commercial use. 

So we’ve built IM Free, a new service that will allow you to browse through 1000’s of high-quality creative commons free photos and find an image that is exactly what you are looking for. 


The Current Stock Photos Problem

Everyone who has ever searched in the popular stock photos websites knows that getting the right image is a nearly impossible task. There are hundreds of thousands of images in each website and many of them are of very bad quality. The high quality photos on the other hand, are too popular, causing the same image to appear in many websites. The faces of the stock photos models are found in many websites, and even if you haven’t looked up an image before, you will probably recognize some of these faces:

Google images – “stockphoto doctor

Google images – “stockphoto business

And who can forget the famous stockphoto?…

The IM Free Solution

IM Free

With IM Free, you can find a unique photo, of real people, taken by amazing photographers who posted their work on Flickr. These photos are under the creative commons attribution license, meaning that you can use all the photos for free(!) as long as you give credit to the photographer (we encourage you to do that as it’s the only way this model will stay strong).

At IM Free, we have curated photos of many talented photographers and categorized them in order to make it easier for you to find the right photo. This collection will also be updated all the time with new photos and categories.

Some of the categories you can find are:

There’s also a search box at the top of each page that will help you locate an image by keywords, quickly.

We plan to update the collection and add new photos but if you would like to contribute beautiful creative commons photos you found on Flickr, or if you are a photographer and would like to share your work with others in return for a credit, please contact us at free (at)

It’s 100% Free For Everyone

IM Free is free to use and not just for IM Creator users. Later on, we plan to integrate IM Free into our editor and make it easier for IM websites owners to add beautiful images to their site.

Here at IM Creator, we keep working hard to achieve our goal of making websites creation easy, so be on the lookout through our Facebook page and Twitter for future expansion of IM Free to other free website creation resources.


Erez is the online marketing director of IM Creator. Erez writes about web design as a business, online marketing, and website building tips.

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