75 of the Best Designers to Follow on Twitter

75 of the Best Designers to Follow on Twitter


Whether you’re a seasoned web design veteran or a brand new designer just starting his or her career, having a treasure trove of resources is a necessity. And what better place to look than Twitter?

Twitter has emerged as an incredibly useful tool for designers to share their work with fellow designers, as well as the latest news and notes, design trends, and hot issues. Twitter is obviously a great place to connect with potential clients and other design experts, which is a critical step in starting a successful web design business. There is no lack of inspiration for designers on Twitter as well. However, sorting through the millions of Twitter users to find the best people to follow can be a daunting task.

We’ve taken the liberty of scouring Twitter to find the top designers and agencies to follow. Some of the people on our list are household names in the design industry and have enormous followings. Others are just everyday people, making their way in the design world and tweeting out their insights and successes along the way. We’ve focused only on individual designers and agencies here. If you’re looking for awesome blogs, we have a separate list of the best web design blogs to follow.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 75 designers on Twitter!

Jeffrey Zeldman

@Zeldman (337,000 followers)

Founder of Happy Cog Studios and publisher of A List Apart, Jeffrey Zeldman is an expert web designer whose tweets focus on best practices.

Veerle Pieters

@vpieters (194,000 followers)

With a Twitter feed full of links to valuable resources, Veerle Pieters is worth a follow for great tutorials and freebies. She’s also on our list of Top 10 Web Designers on Twitter.

Jonathan Torke

@jonathantorke (131,000 followers)

For the latest resources for web designers, give Jonathan Torke, a WordPress developer from Germany, a follow.

Luke Wroblewski

@lukew (115,000 followers)

Passionate about improving the interaction between humans and technology, Luke Wroblewski focuses many of his tweets on usability, interface design, and emerging web design trends.

Tina Cook

@TinaCook (95,200 followers)

The bulk of Tina Cook’s tweets are meant to inspire designers, but she  often tweets about great resources, tools, and tips and tricks as well.

Chris Spooner

@chrisspooner (82,600 followers)

King of the graphic design world, Chris Spooner offers his followers all kinds of tips, tricks, tutorials, and free resources sure to inspire their work.

Jacob Cass

@justcreative (71,900 followers)

Inspiring tweets, links to interesting design articles, free resources, and tips for improving your work are among the daily tweets offered by Jacob Cass.

Brad Frost

@brad_frost (52,300 followers)

Brad Frost is a designer from Pittsburgh that tweets about all kinds of awesome web design stuff, including future trends in the industry.

Jan Jursa

@IATV (46,700 followers)

UX, UI, and usability, and upcoming events featuring each of these three topics are the primary tweet topics of Jan Jursa.

Jad Limcaco

@jadlimcaco (42,900 followers)

For quick bits of inspiration and links to great web design resources, Jad Limcaco is worth a follow.

Nishan Joomun

@nishanjoomun (41,300 followers)

Nishan Joomun is an interactive designer and front-end developer who has a finger on the pulse of the latest web design trends and also tweets out links to fantastic free resources.

Brian Hoff

@behoff (41,000 followers)

The Twitter feed of Brian Hoff includes loads of links to highly valuable design resources, like font analyzers, search box generators, and CSS tips and tricks.

Debbie Millman

@debbiemillman (33,500 followers)

Debbie Millman is a designer and author with a focus on educating designers of all levels of experience about what makes for good design.

Aarron Walter

@aarron (32,900 followers)

For tweets that focus on UX, design inspiration, and educational topics, give Aarron Walter, director of MailChimp’s UX, a follow.

Mike Lane

@mlane (32,300 followers)

Mike Lane’s tweets center around pointing his followers toward excellent tutorials and free resources to make their web designs that much better.

Mark Boulton

@markboulton (31,900 followers)

From design inspiration to links to amazing web design-related podcasts to rants about modern design, Mark Boulton’s Twitter page has it all.

Nick La

@nickla (25,800 followers)

For all kinds of insights on new web design trends and links to excellent resources, give Nick La a follow.

Brian Gardner

@bgardner (24,800 followers)

Founder of StudioPress, Brian Gardner’s interest in design trends, design business topics, and inspiring other designers is evident.

Maxim Orlov

@orlovmax_com (24,200 followers)

Maxim Orlov offers his Twitter followers great sources of inspiration as well as links to excellent resources from around the web.

Trent Walton

@TrentWalton (23,500 followers)

Get excellent design advice and links to great resources from Trent Walton, Texas-based designer and co-founder of Paravel Inc.

Jon Phillips

@jophillips (22,300 followers)

For a UX/UI perspective on design, business strategy, and marketing, give Jon Phillips’ Twitter a follow.

Simon Collison

@colly (21,700 followers)

Simon Collison is a well-known designer and speaker on all things web design who often tweets about the latest news in the field and offers information about speaking engagements and conferences for designers.

Lars Vraa

@tripwiremag (21,200 followers)

If you’re looking for insights into free Adobe resources, great WordPress themes, and places to find inspiration, look no further!

Nick Finck

@nickf (21,000 followers)

Nick Finck’s Twitter is, among other things, dedicated to furthering the cause of UX and interaction design.

Brian K. McDaniel

@bkmacdaddy (20,200 followers)

Brian K. McDaniel is a web and graphic designer whose Twitter feed is all about inspiring other designers to create better stuff. He’s also on our list of Inspiring Designers to Follow on Social Media!

Brett Widmann

@BrettWidmann (20,000 followers)

Check out Brett Widmann’s Twitter feed for lots of suggestions for excellent, free web design resources.

Alen Grakalic

@alengrakalic (19,700 followers)

Alen Grakalic tweets about all things design, including front-end and back-end development, UX/UI, and CSS.

Jeff San George

@jeffSanGeorge (18,000 followers)

Jeff San George is a web designer and developer that often tweets about the latest trends and offers up great design-related reads from around the Web.

Max Stanworth

@designshard (17,000 followers)

For the latest news on the UX/UI front, including UX/UI fails (so you know what not to do), Max Stanworth is the guy to follow.

Tomas Laurinavicius

@tomaslau (16,700 followers)

Tomas Laurinavicius often tweets about inspiring designs from around the web and also serves up links to some great resources for freelancers.

Joseph C. Lawrence

@josephclawrence (15,500 followers)

South African UX/UI designer Joseph Lawrence focuses his tweets on UX/UI issues and data-driven design.

Timothy Whalin

@TimothyWhalin (15,000 followers)

Although his tweets focus heavily on UI, Timothy Whalin also gives his followers insights on CSS, accessibility, and workflow improvement.

Mike Hansen

@moosesyrup (13,700 followers)

Mike Hansen’s Twitter feed is full of links to valuable articles about web design, UX, UI, and Photoshop, and he highlights a bunch of free resources too!

Kay Brighton

@kaybrighton (11,800 followers)

For links to great free resources, from stock photos to templates to top tools for web designers, give Kay Brighton, a Canadian designer, a follow.

Richard Lemon

@RichardLemon (11,000 followers)

There’s a little bit of everything in the Twitter feed of Richard Lemon, including the latest news and notes in the web design world, tweets to inspire your next design, and tips for designing better websites.

Aaron Gustafson

@aarongustafson (10,900 followers)

A champion of adaptive web design, Aaron Gustafson often tweets about upcoming web design events, offers tips for making designs more successful, and explores UX/UI issues.

Chad Engle

@chadengle (10,200 followers)

Chad Engle tweets prodigiously about creativity, innovation, and inspiration, as well as business topics like marketing, strategy, and collaboration.

Amélie Husson

@othella (9,190 followers)

Fonts, Photoshop hints, and insights on the best web design software are among the many subjects tweeted by Amélie Husson.

Louis Gubitosi

@iBlend (9,156 followers)

If you’re looking for design inspiration, news, or freebies, Louis Gubitosi is the man to follow!

Louis Lazaris

@ImpressiveWebs (9,133 followers)

The self-proclaimed “voice of the web design community,” Louis Lazaris tweets about design resources and offers links to all kinds of valuable development tutorials.

Mihnea Zamfir

@mihneaz (8,703 followers)

A UX/UI designer from Copenhagen, Mihnea Zamfir tweets about all things related to usability and visual design.

Alex ElChehimi

@spicydesign (8,510 followers)

Alex ElChehimi’s Twitter feed highlights all kinds of excellent designer resources from around the web.

Janko Jovanovic

@jankowarpspeed (7,831 followers)

German designer Janko Jovanovic gives his followers loads of useful links to the latest news and trends in the world of web design.

Arpad Szucs

@whitex3d (7,708 followers)

A freelance web and graphic designer, Arpad Szucs often tweets about free resources, inspiring web design stories, and the best and worst trends in web design.

Zoe M. Gillenwater

@zomigi (7,557 followers)

Zoe M. Gillenwater is a web designer, developer, and author who lets her followers know about awesome design hacks, tips, and tricks.

Kim Goodwin

@kimgoodwin (7,481 followers)

A specialist in UX and designing for the digital age, Kim Goodwin offers great insights into the skills needed to be an effective UX designer.

Adam Smith

@atsmith (7,018 followers)

For a little bit of everything related to design, including UX/UI, mobile design trends, and great sources for inspiration, give Adam Smith a follow!

Veronica Domeier

@ronicadesign (6,337 followers)

Inspiration, CSS tips and tricks, and a healthy dose of business-related tweets are what you will find on Veronica Domeier’s Twitter page.

Mahfuz Mandal

@mahfuzweb20 (6,334 followers)

A UX/UI designer, Mahfuz Mandal is also passionate about WordPress and serves up all kinds of nice tips for making WordPress sites better.

Janna Hagan

@_jannalynn (6,075 followers)

A freelance web designer, Janna Hagan focuses many of her tweets on information that helps other freelancers build a successful business.

Kevin Liew

@quenesswebblog (5,913 followers)

Kevin Liew’s Twitter account is chock-full of amazing tips, tricks, and design resources from all over the web.

Navdeep Raj

@3drockz (5,887 followers)

New design trends, creative inspiration, and UX/UI practices are among Navdeep Raj’s most common tweets.

Jamie Forster

@JamieForster (5,584 followers)

With tweets about everything from ways to increase your site’s traffic to design mistakes to avoid, Jamie Forster tweets about all sorts of design-related topics.

Jono Young

@chsweb (5,575 followers)

A user experience designer, Jono Young offers his followers excellent information about web design articles, tips and tricks, and free stuff.

Gopal Raju

@gopalraju (5,519 followers)

Gopal Raju is a web designer and developer who has a Twitter feed dedicated to offering up some of the best how-to’s and free resources from all over the web.

Ali Qayyum

@aliqayyum (5,156 followers)

Our own, Ali Qayyum, an avid design blogger who also happens to write for IMNow. Tweets about all the hottest design inspiration and information out there. We love him, and so will you.

Sean Hodge

@seanHodge (4,870 followers)

Sean Hodge, a web designer by trade, tweets out all kinds of valuable information about the business side of design, including how to be more productive, organized, and creative.

Nikola Lazarevic

@colaja (4,562 followers)

A Serbian web designer, Nikola Lazarevic loves to tweet out resources for fellow designers.

Russ Max

@russmaxdesign (3,725 followers)

Tweeting from Sydney, Australia, Russ offers insight into responsive design principles, accessibility issues, HTML, CSS, and a host of other design-related topics.

Ivo Mynttinen

@ivomynttinen (2,968 followers)

iOS design guides, links to the latest design tools, and best practices for web designers are just a few of the topics you’ll find in Ivo Mynttinen’s Twitter feed.

Karly Ellis

@WebDesignKarly (2,799 followers)

A U.K. web designer, Karly Ellis tweets a lot about UX/UI, business-related topics, and offers up advice for other designers.

Stu Collett

@stucollett (2,771 followers)

Stu Collett likes to tweet about UX, but also throws in some nice inspirational stuff and offers links to great resources as well.

Paula Borowska

@paulaborowska (2,624 followers)

A freelance web designer from New York City, Paula Borowska sends out tweets about a variety of design issues, from UX/UI to mobile design.

Sarah Jane Edwards

@designer_sarah (2,572 followers)

With tweets about web design, marketing, and business, Sarah Jane Edwards’ followers gain insight into multiple facets of being in the web design game.

Osvaldas Valutis

@osvaldas (2,542 followers)

A web designer with an eye for coding, Osvaldas Valutis serves up tweets about UX design, CSS, and web development topics.

Neil Brown

@brownaddesign (1,497 followers)

Neil Brown tweets about a lot of design-related topics, including free resources and tips for growing your freelance business.

Tobias Maurer

@tmaurerdesign (1,286 followers)

The Twitter feed of Tobias Maurer runs the gamut of web design-related topics, from UX/UI to tips for growing your business to fresh designs to inspire your work.

James Faulkner

@JamesSodaPop (1,189 followers)

James Faulkner focuses his tweets on the business end of web design, tweeting about content strategy, marketing, and SEO.

Matt Sarah

@mattysars (1,157 followers)

Hailing from Melbourne, Matt Sarah provides his insights on good design, procedures for creating timeless websites, and offers up some links to excellent blogs too.

Teale Shapcott

@teale (1,054 followers)

Give Australian designer Teale Shapcott a follow for daily doses of news in the web design, user experience, and social media worlds.

Sam Jones

@sivioco (1,024 followers)

If you’re looking for directions to the best free and low-cost design resources on the web, Sam Jones is the man to follow!

Eamonn Murphy

@vectorfunk (1,021 followers)

The latest news in the web design world and a few tips on freebies is what you will find on Eamonn Murphy’s Twitter page.

Saijo George

@Saijo_George (1,071 followers)

The bulk of Saijo George’s tweets link followers to excellent free resources from around the web, from fonts to CSS modules to icons.

Stephen G. Petrany

@spetrany (1,016 followers)

For some of the best tips and tricks for Photoshop, including links to video tutorials, be sure to follow Stephen G. Petrany.

Christian Watson

@ChristianWatson (823 followers)

Design, UX, usability, and testing are just a few of the web design topics Christian Watson tweets about.

Karsten Rowe

@karstenrowe (613 followers)

As the design lead at Nutshell, Karsten Rowe has a lot to share on UX, upcoming web design trends, and other goodies related to web design.


Do you have any go-to web designer Twitter feeds that we haven’t included on our list? If so, let us know who you like to follow by leaving a comment below! Also be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay on top of all the latest web design news.

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