7 Superstar IM Creator Websites

It’s difficult to suppress the awe that we feel every time a great new website designed with IM Creator goes live. From artists, architects, chefs, and designers to lawyers, models, and psychiatrists, there’s nothing quite like seeing talented people breath their own particular energy into one of our website templates.

Without further ado, here are picks for 7 of the best IM Creator websites from across the world:


#1 Marina di Nisida, Milan, Italy

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.13.08

Try to suppress the urge not to book the next flight to Milan when you catch a glimpse of Marina di Nisida’s mouth-wateringly crisp photography – a central player throughout their website.

Everything about Marina di Nisida’s website is built with graceful usability in mind: Copy is kept to a minimum, letting images speak louder than any words possibly could. Their menu page doesn’t require any cumbersome downloads, and is set out in an easy to read, elegant typeface. Their contact page, too, couldn’t get any simpler (or more effective): An interactive map is placed at the top of the page, next to contact information and links to Facebook and Tripadvisor. Even a subtly added image of Marina di Nisida’s awning graces their contact page, providing visitors with a subtle clue as to what to look for in Milan’s winding streets.


#2 Barbara Rondini, Perugia, Italy

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.16.25

Barbara Rondini’s boutique law firm in Perugia, Italy, offers an utterly original take on the legal website; no stuffy neo-classical typefaces or boring colour schemes here. Barbara chose a one-pager design to allow for easy (and mobile-optimized) scrolling, beginning with an unembellished description of what her firm does, helping visitors to immediately gain an understanding of the site’s content while keeping SEO keywords in mind. Although there is sea of text to scroll through, readability is ensured by plenty of whitespace and big, easy-to-read font. Sections are organized using backdrops in shades of grey – a playful riff on classical law firm website sobriety.


#3 Chikin and Fish, Byron Bay, Australia


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.41.09

What do you get when you put a “tattooed, pierced metal head” with a “track suit wearing pop princess”? A perfectly designed wedding website, that’s what. Chikin and Fish (otherwise known as Kim and Leigh) took an IMC wedding template and made it utterly their own, all while providing the perfect breadth of essential information for their wedding guests. Organized into six unfussy pages, Chikin and Fish spared their wedding guests lengthy copy, relying only on the basics…and some perfectly chosen typography. Even their RSVP page, often the site of untold confusion on wedding websites, is broken down into just three easy steps – another example of how this happy couple’s easygoing and fun personality translated to an intuitive, beautifully-designed website.


#4: Heidi Acuña, Honolulu, Hawaii

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.48.54

At just 18 years old, Heidi Acuña’s website puts one too many seasoned graphic designers to shame. Her personal diary of fashion, food, travel, and shoes has been lovingly designed with big, energetic images and novelly designed blog entries. What really makes Heidi’s website stand out, though, is the way she integrated social media widgets. Rather than crowding them amongst her content, Heidi’s live Facebook and Twitter feeds are nestled at the bottom of her homepage along with her contact information. Instead of appearing clunky, they blend perfectly in with her stellar design while still remaining easily accessible.


#5: Vibe Johansson, Copenhagen, Denmark


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.58.01
Vibe Johansson is a Danish fashion label making waves across Europe and Japan with dark, ethereal, and thoroughly Scandinavian designs for women. Their website is a true testament to minimalism: it could teach a course in whitespace. Copy is smartly spaced, and uses the usually blah Arial font particularly well to drive home their sensibility for uncomplicated reinterpretations of classic design. To help cater to their adoring Japanese clientele, Vibe Johansson also offers a Japanese-language version of their site, winning them plenty of usability points.


#6: Wiggley Bottom Farm, Healesville, Australia


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 16.50.27


Wiggley Bottom Farm, a perfect slice of country life in Healesville, Australia, has been a favourite website of IM Creator since the day it launched. Perfectly capturing the friendly and vibrant bucolic atmosphere of this guest cottage, Wiggley Bottom Farm’s website is cleanly organized, making it a breeze to navigate through, and providing visitors with the immediate sense of its pristine freshness. While the use of colour in web design is never an easy concept to grasp, Wiggley Bottom Farm’s website cleverly picks up on the hues of the farm’s surrounding nature, using blocks of color to set text against bright, professional photographs.


#7: Cory Tallman, New York City, U.S.A.


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 13.57.28

Cory Tallman is a copywriter from New York City, the brain behind Saks Fifth Avenue’s elegant yet ever-so-slightly offbeat promotional copy. His website acts as an elaborated business card really should: Easy on the eyes, and offering just the right amount of information (to keep you asking for more). As a professional copywriter, you might expect Cory to offer some intriguing word-sprouts throughout his website – and wouldn’t be disappointed. Cory’s copy is a breath of fresh air: Easy to read, easy to understand, and full of personality. In his words: “Words are common, the ideas they express aren’t.”



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