6 Tools That Could Be Used as an Alternative to Wix

Wix is an extremely popular website builder.

But it isn’t the only one!

In fact, there are plenty of excellent Wix alternatives out there. Some, like WordPress, offer tons of flexibility if you feel comfortable with coding and widgets. Others, like Squarespace and IM Creator, give you plenty of options regarding the type of website you create and require absolutely no coding skills. From blogging to eCommerce, no matter what kind of website you need, these Wix alternatives are worth a look.

IM Creator

If you need a better alternative to Wix, look no further than IM Creator. The strength of IM Creator is in its intuitive Lego-like editor that allows you to simply stack different web layouts on top of each other and create your own website just like a Lego building. Unlike other platforms (i.e. WordPress), there is no need for coding knowledge. That means even novices can create gorgeous websites because IM Creator’s technology does all the heavy lifting for you.

Better still, IM Creator comes packed with features and templates that allow you to do just about anything you need with your website. All the templates are responsive, which means that it won’t matter if people are seeing your site on the computers, mobiles or tablets. Build your site once, and it’s done. You can also add a blog or an eCommerce store; insert beautiful photo galleries or videos. You can easily change the appearance of your site too, from fonts and colors to margins and padding, all from IM Creator’s easy editing interface. It’s all just a matter of a few clicks. Best of all, IM Creator is free! Even if you want to run a store. That makes it tough to beat in the website building space.



The chances are that when you think of blogs and “website building,” you likely think of the world’s most-used CMS – WordPress. The popularity of WordPress is undeniable. After all, it offers a wide range of tools for design and code-savvy individuals to build a fully functioning website. Use a premade template as the structure of your site and customize it to your liking, add additional functionalities with any number of compatible plugins, and manage content on your site from your homepage to your about page to your blog, quickly and easily in WordPress’ user-friendly CMS.

Of course, the downside with WordPress is that it requires at least some knowledge of coding. Even if you use a premade template, the chances are that you’ll want to add your own logo, change the color scheme, embed videos, and so forth. Most of the Premium WordPress themes allow you to do that within their settings, but in many cases making changes such as these requires you to get into the code of the template (or, at the very least, use the HTML version of the editor rather than the visually-based version). For some people, that’s out of the realm of their comfort zone.


Website-Builder offers a unique approach to building a website because it’s modeled after building things with blocks. This approach is similar to IM Creator and growing popular. Lately even Wix released an alternative to their regular editor which is using the same approach. Unlike other platforms that utilize drag-and-drop features, Website-Builder allows you to create your site by fitting stripes, or content blocks, together as you see fit. Adding new content to a site has never been so easy – in fact, adding an image gallery or slideshow, a call to action, a map, or even a full article requires just a few clicks of the mouse.

The beauty of building a website in this manner is that it takes the mystery out of getting your site to look how you want it to look. There is no coding required – just your imagination! But beyond that, Website-Builder lets you get started for free. That means you can perfect your website using Website-Builder’s powerful editing tools before you ever pay a dime. And, with templates that are mobile responsive, you’re sure that your site will render perfectly no matter the size of the screen being used.


One of Weebly’s claims to fame is its intuitive and user-friendly editor. You can literally create a website in just minutes using Weebly’s tools and eye-catching templates. Each template is mobile ready, with a number of options available for varying needs – ecommerce, business, and portfolios to name a few. What’s more, Weebly has a reputation for offering superb customer support. If you encounter a problem, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better service which includes email and chat support, an enormous online knowledge base, and for some users, phone-based support as well.

Weebly also shines in the pricing department, offering plans that range from free to about $50/month. That means there’s a plan for just about any budget for a website of just about any size. Plenty of options are included in that price, including SEO tools, unlimited storage, site statistics, and ecommerce tools (depending on the price plan), and gives users plenty of options for building an attractive website for personal or business use.


Squarespace is among the most popular Wix alternatives because of its strong reputation for performance. Users enjoy beautiful templates that are easily customizable, robust SEO tools, and mobile-responsive websites as well. Additionally, Squarespace offers excellent ecommerce tools, making it a solid choice for people that want to start their own web-based business. Squarespace gets high marks for its customer service as well, which is a feature that any customer is sure to appreciate, but especially newbies that might need some guidance now and again.

Unfortunately, Squarespace doesn’t offer the largest library of templates, although, as noted above, what’s there is absolutely gorgeous. The editor takes a bit of getting used to as well, but with a little practice, it becomes easier to navigate. In the end, the product you get for the relatively low price you pay (between $12-$40) is well worth the money.


Perhaps a lesser known Wix alternative (outside of Australia, anyway) is EzyWebs. Like IM Creator, EzyWebs lets you create a beautiful website for free. It has a drag-and-drop editor that makes adding content or moving content around as easy as 1-2-3. Choose from a large collection of premade templates that give you a solid foundation upon which to build your site. Whatever template you choose, you can rest assured knowing that integrating social media is a breeze, be that your latest YouTube video or adding links to your Twitter and Facebook.

Like other popular website builders, EzyWebs also offers tons of backend extras to sweeten the deal. Storage and hosting are included, as are robust SEO tools. Each plan – which start at free and run to $9.95/month – is well priced and gives you the ability to create as many websites as you want. If you’re looking to create a variety of websites for yourself or your clients, EzyWebs might be the way to go.


Erez is the online marketing director of IM Creator. Erez writes about web design as a business, online marketing, and website building tips.

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