6 Tools That Could Be Used as an Alternative to Wix

With so many different website building software, Wix has made a name for itself as a flexible and versatile platform. It lets users come up with different types of websites, easy to use featuring an array of affordable plans.

On the other hand, users should not limit themselves to Wix considering several worthy website-building alternatives. Some of them provide features that are more flexible. Others appear to be a cheaper option. Some platforms are more focused around a particular type of website letting you come up with a more professional and customized digital store, portfolio or business card. From blogging to eCommerce, no matter what kind of website you need, these Wix alternatives are worth a look.

IM Creator

IM Creator

If you need a better alternative to Wix, look no further than IM Creator. It has proved to be a good choice whether you need to build a professional landing page, solid digital store, catchy portfolio or any other site for different needs without technical skills. The platform delivers a bunch of options and features out of the box in addition to the following benefits:

  • Simple Editor – WYSISWG editor makes it easy to customize your website pages and work with content using PRO settings;
  • SEO Feature – IM Creator lets you work with SEO settings like meta titles, descriptions and keywords to increase website’s search engines rank;
  • eCommerce Engine – the platform has a simple functional to manage sales in your web store;
  • White Label – the software delivers more opportunities to hosting and web development companies as well as independent web designers.

The core IM Creator benefit compared with Wix: IM Creator looks simpler to use. It will not take you long to learn all its tools and features. You can build adaptive websites with ease and choose from an array of plans as well as free platform version for students and non-profitable organizations.

IM Creator may appear to be a simpler software for a specific type of websites if compared with Wix. A good advantage in favor of the platform is that it responds faster to all user’s actions. Apart from baseline features like responsive templates, free hosting and one-click domain name connecting, the platform offers more capabilities including White Label and eCommerce. This fact makes the website builder much more versatile.



Weebly is a simple website builder perfect for newbies who do not require a complicated website. Although the platform looks a bit minimalistic, it brings a set of all necessary instruments and tools to build a professional looking website from scratch within a couple of hours. The main benefits include:

  • Stylish Templates – Weebly delivers over a hundred trendy templates out of the box;
  • Ease of Use – the software boasts probably the easiest drag-and-drop editor in the world;
  • Intuitive Interface – working with content is simple and fast as well as edit or customize each page;
  • Marketing Options – the platform boasts a set of fundamental SEO and eCommerce tools though available in premium plans only;
  • Pre-Set Layout – choose from over 40 layouts and start editing your website at once.

The core Weebly benefit compared with Wix: Weebly offers a simple editing feature. Each template is divided into specific drag-and-drop areas and zones where you only need to insert content.

Weebly looks like a good alternative in case you look for a cheap and simple website building tool. It features a free plan that includes 500MB of storage and subdomain. If you crave for more features, paid plans start from $4 per month.



Every time you need a simple business website, stunning portfolio or professional landing page, uKit is the website builder to choose. It delivers a wide selection of stylish templates in addition to an array of features and affordable premium plans. The core benefits include:

  • 350+ Trendy Templates – choose a template you need from different categories to build a business website, digital store or landing page;
  • Intuitive Editor – uKit is based upon a simple WYSISWG editor letting you add media files and text with ease;
  • Integrated eCommerce Solution – Ecwid will let you build powerful online shops effortlessly;
  • Affordable Prices – uKit comes with probably most affordable prices with a premium plan starting from $4 per month.

The core uKit benefit compared with Wix: uKit delivers responsive templates featuring intuitive interface. A user can easily switch between several templates in case there is a need to change the theme.

uKit is an affordable and simple website builder for multiple purposes. Apart from reasonable prices, the software offers a 14-day free trial to check if the platform meets your requirements.



WordPress has already turned into an iconic platform featuring boasting thousands of blogs built using this software. Despite the fact it is free, it is also an open source platform, which means endless editing and customizing capabilities. All you need is to have at least basic coding skills. The main WordPress features include:

  • Endless List of Templates – thousands of themes are available for users with different needs and preferences;
  • Endless Blog Editing Capabilities – as an open source platform, WordPress reserves much space to customize and edit your blog creating a unique style;
  • Free Plugins – choose from an array of free plugins including blogging, SEO, analytics, subscription forms, captcha and more from a huge WordPress store;
  • Constant Updates – update your theme and plugins automatically with just a click;
  • Billions of Users Worldwide – 40% of all websites in the Global Net are built with WordPress.

The core WordPress benefit compared with Wix: endless website customization and blog editing opportunities. However, users will have to pay for hosting and register a domain name.

WordPress is not an all-in-one solution, as you need to find a place where to host your website. At the same time, it is hardly a good option for newbies. Coping with its features may take some time to learn. However, it is still a great platform for any website despite its complexity and goals.



If compared with Wix, Squarespace may look a bit more complicated especially when it comes to newbies. However, this is because the platform brings more features to build more complicated websites with increased functionality. The core features include:

  • Polish Templates – Squarespace offers a selection of more stylish and trendy themes that are designed professionally;
  • All-In-One Builder – each template comes with a set of pre-installed features ranging from metrics and SEO to RSS subscription and more;
  • Website Security – Squarespace uses the latest technologies to ensure 100% website protection from frauds;
  • Website Export Feature – you can leave the platform whenever you want thanks to export/import option.

The core Squarespace benefit compared with Wix: using Squarespace does not mean you are stuck in the only software. Apart from Wix, it offers export/import capabilities to leave the platform whenever you need. Moreover, Squarespace has its Git control system that lets you access older versions of your website.

Squarespace is a complicated but versatile website builder with all necessary instruments in the pack. It is a good choice for those who need to build a more complicated site. The platform offers a 14-day period. Then you will have to choose any of the paid plans that start from $12 per month.



Shopify is an eCommerce focused website builder. It is the best way to create stunning digital stores with ease. The platform delivers a set of tools to edit and manage products, track analytics, deal with SEO settings, boost sales with coupons and loyalty programs, etc. In other words, Shopify is an ultimate eCommerce website building instrument with the following features:

  • Professionally Designed Templates – choose from a web store you like and start adding products with ease;
  • Ease of Use – Shopify combines all the best features from the drag-and-drop option as well as CSS editing;
  • Advanced CMS for eCommerce – benefit from a selection of instruments top edit and manage your products;
  • Digital Scaling – Shopify is a good software whether you need to build a huge complicated digital store or a small online shop;
  • Features and Integration – tune your SEO settings, run the testing purchase, implement the “add to cart” function and more.

The core Shopify benefit compared with Wix: Shopify is a better option when it comes to digital stores. The platform was designed specially for eCommerce needs and delivers a wider option of features.

The software offers an array of plans to meet different needs. Thus, users can choose from the Lite Plan (only $9 per month) that lets you start selling products via Facebook or connect an already existing store to Advanced Plan ($299 per month) with an endless list of up-to-date professional eCommerce features.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a proper website building platform is vital. You need to consider some crucial factors like website purposes, goals, type of content, target audience, etc. Only when you know what your website should look like, you will choose a proper software. Despite all the benefits Wix has, you can opt for some better alternatives depending on the site type you need.

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