5 Tips to Choose The Best Template for Your Site

IM Creator has many beautiful and unique templates. No more cookie-cutter templates and dull and outdated websites. The creative revolution is here.

Who am I? Why am I here?

Well, these are not exactly the first questions you need to ask when choosing a website template. What you do need to first ask yourself is what kind of a website you need. Are you creating a website for you or for your business? Do you need a site that will host many pictures and videos or are you in need of a more text oriented site like the one below?



Now ask who am I…

Many templates have a specific theme – artists, designers, service providers, hotels, restaurants, event planners and more and more. A themed layout will guide you through the specific needs of the website you need. At IM Creator, all of our templates look like real websites (no lorem ipsum mumbo jumbo), so it’s easier to choose the best template and to add your content in the best spot on the site.


Bound 2

After figuring out who we are (it’s hard, I know :-P), it’s really important you connect to the visual aspect of your site and what it represents. Although all IM Creator templates are custumizable, we’re pretty sure that when you see a template you like, you’ll know it. An instant connection to the color palette, fonts and images is something that’s bound to happen.  But remember, a good website is a website that people visit and browse through… Try to understand what kind of visual language will speak more clearly and be most effective to your target audience. Will your audience connect to a more vintage look or a more modern look? Are you building a Liverpool FC fan site and the color palette is blue? Fail 😉


Consider the content you need on your site

Now that you’ve pinpointed the goal of your website, its look, and know your target audience, what is the information and content you need on the site? No need to add everything immediately – you can start small and grow. But, there are some basic things you need before the site goes live. If you provide services or want people to contact you for your work, you must have some kind of contact details – whether it’s a link to your email or a contact form – you want people to be able to contact you.

If you also want to tell a little about yourself, so that visitors to your site will understand exactly where they are, add an “about” or “bio” page.

If you are an artist, designer, model, actor, a portfolio is always something important to have. No need for a full one of course, just one that showcases a selected part of your work – you can always add more later.


Have fun!

There are so many templates to choose from – finding the one you love and building your website should  be a fun experience – so enjoy it!

Remember, with IM Creator, you can switch templates if you want to refresh the look of your site or rebrand it. So it’s not a life or death decision – pick the template you like now, that answers your current website building needs.


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