The 5 Best Translation Tools To Translate Your Website

It goes without saying that in order for your website to reach the broadest audience possible, it helps to offer language options in more than just your native tongue. Of course, for those of you who already know this, you may already be muttering, “easier said than done”. Translating large chunks of text for a website is no small task, and tends to come with a considerable (and usually prohibitive) price tag.

So, where to go when you need to translate your German website for your predominantly Japanese customers, or your Spanish website into English for your American visitors? Read on below to find out about our top 5 online translation services to help you get the job done.


1) OneHourTranslation

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With over 3000 language pairings, 15,000 on-call translators, and prices starting at just 6 cents/word for basic translation, OneHourTranslation is fast becoming one of the largest and most trusted online translators on the web. They’re also among the fastest, offering translation services at 1-page/hour. You can choose between “basic” translation, which works well for websites and personal documents, or “expert” translation for technical documents that require a more detailed vocabulary. If you’re unsure of the wording or grammar of your writing, OneHourTranslation also offers proofreading services as an add-on.

1000 words from Hebrew to English will cost you about $90 USD.


2) LanguageCloud

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With an impressive list of corporate customers, including Adobe, Boeing, and Canon, SDL’s LanguageCloud services are another heavy-hitter in the online translation world, albeit among the most expensive. LanguageCloud offers two types of services: an online API that allows you to input a text and receive an instant, automated translation (much like Google Translate), and a professional translation service powered by a network of over 900 in-house translators and 15,000 freelance translators. Like OneHourTranslation, LanguageCloud offers general translation and expert translation for technical writing, as well as proofreading services. Their only notable drawback is their instant quote system, which requires you to upload your document before receiving an estimate.

1000 words from Hebrew to English will cost you about $228 USD.

3) Elance

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More and more, small businesses are turning to freelance job sites like Elance to find professionals for all manner of jobs, from marketing to content writing to translation. You, the client, simply upload a description of what you need done, set a price range, and wait for the offers to come pouring in. Freelance translators bid to get the job, and you maintain total freedom as to who you choose and how much you’re willing to pay. Elance and other freelancing sites like offer a great way to get in touch with professional freelancers from all corners of the globe, but they do come with a couple drawbacks. Because anyone can sign up as a freelancer, spammers do come out of the woodwork sometimes – which can hinder your search – and because you’re doing the hiring on your own, Elance might not be the most efficient option for those who need a text translated ASAP. The quality of the translation services also may not be as consistent as if you would work with a dedicated translation service, although with 1000’s of translators to personally choose from, uncertainty is kept to a minimum.

You can set your own prices on Elance, or accept a customized offer from a professional translator.


4) TextKing

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In comparison to many other online translation services available, TextKing could almost be considered a boutique translation service, with just 2,700 translators working worldwide. Nevertheless, TextKing offers translations in 47 languages, and starting at 0.07 cents/word, it’s among the better deals in town. TextKing also provides machine-automated translations for quick translations, and offers a wide variety of translations for specialized texts, such as law and medicine.

1000 words from Hebrew to English will cost you about $70 USD.


5) Tolingo

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Tolingo sets itself apart by allowing you to search through the profiles of their translators, letting you tailor the text you need translated to the specific knowledge of the person who will be taking on your assignment. With prices starting at 15 cents/word, Tolingo isn’t the cheapest online translation service on the market, but it does offer some interesting services, such as the ability for a client to track the progress of their translation. This is important, especially as the art of translation often depends on the translator understanding the individual style of the author and the context of a text. Like SDL, you need to upload a document in order to get an instant quote, but reviewers have also praised this system as providing a more accurate overview of how much your assignment will actually cost you. Tolingo also offer proofreading, formatting, and online publishing services as add-ons.

1000 words from Hebrew to English will cost you about $180 USD.

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