The 5 Best Translation Tools To Translate Your Website

Are you looking for a tool that will let you reach a broader audience online? Would you like to build a website or an online-store that attracts users from different countries? You do not need to limit your content to a single language. Creating a multi-lingual website version is your chance to attract millions of new potential users globally. While English is considered as an international language, translating your content seems to be a good idea.

At the same time, you need to keep an eye on the content quality. For this reason, using a typical translator like Google may not be enough. Your text must have some crucial features in other to please both visitors and search engines. Those features include:

  • 100% flawless grammar and spelling;
  • 100% plagiarism free texts;
  • No punctuation or stylistic mistakes;
  • Clear structure and formatting for a better engagement.

Handling the above-mentioned issues will be a tough challenge unless you are a professional writer. Otherwise, you will obviously need a professional assistance delivered by experienced native-speaking proofreaders, authors, and editors. We have conducted a list of top online services that may come in handy.

1. Upwork – a Huge Freelancer Database


UpWork is a huge freelancer marketplace where you can find specialists in various fields. They range from mobile development and customer support to design and professional writing help. The last one is the service we are actually looking for. Here you can choose from experienced blog writers and editors as well as native-speaking proofreaders.

Browse through the list of authors’ profiles including their rating and hourly prices. Then complete a fast registration by indicating your moniker and email to get started. Or you can simply publish your job offer and let freelancers bid for it. UpWork boasts great reputation and recognition among such popular companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, GoDaddy and more.

2. Fiverr – Expert Marketplace to Build Your Online Business


Fiverr is a good resource to hire professional proofreaders, editors and translators. Simply choose the necessary type of service or benefit from an effective search bar right on the homepage. Users are free to sing in through their Google or Facebook accounts as well as simply enter a name and email address.

The website offers a selection of filters and parameters to find the best-matching specialists. Sort them out by price, seller status (writers who are online at the moment), writers’ level and a language they are specialized in. Moreover, you can use free automatic translator right here on the website. It is absolutely free. Major languages for translation include English, German, French and Spanish.

3. One Hour Translation – Over 60 Languages for Translation

One Hour Translation

This one is a great option whenever you look for professional writing service providers. Here you can choose from content specialists that deal with copywriting, proofreading, translating and more. A team of writers includes experts who produce high-quality content for websites, applications, business documents and more.

Website translation is among major services provided by the company. It cooperates with some of the biggest names in the online industry. They include Microsoft, Amazon and Google Play. The service offers reasonable prices that start from $0.087 per a word of translation. Here you can choose any from 60 different languages you need to translate your website into.

4. Gengo – a Pool of Professional Translators


Gengo team is specialized mainly in website translation and localization. It is the right place to hire an experienced proofreader or writer. The list of services varies from a simple content extraction for its further localization to the creation of translation memory database where all your translated content will be safely stored.

The platform makes it possible to integrate your own translation algorithm by means of Gengo translation API. It will provide an access to more than 21 000 professional translators from across the world. Or you can simply type in your text in the special form as well as upload a file with text to have it translated into any of 60 languages for $0.06 per word as starting price.

5. Tomedes – An Advanced Translation Service


Tomedes has proved to be a recognizable translation service provider. It boasts a good reputation on the web judging by the reviews and testimonials. It delivers a range of services including website localization, video and mobile app translations, etc. The main service benefits include 1-year guarantee to its every service in addition to 24/7 customer support. Customers will appreciate live chat features as well.

Clients can opt for an automated translation tool. You only need to choose a language for translation, upload your text file and indicate a number of words. The smart calculator will show you the final price for the work before you place an order. Then choose a payment option you like and complete the payment to receive a professionally translated text by the deadlines.

Summing Up

Translating your website into different languages is no longer a challenge. Translation services come as an affordable, fast and cost-effective solution to reach a broader audience. At the same time, some easy steps will let you improve your website SEO. Simply add Hreflang tag for Google to identify a new version of the existing page in a different language. We suggest placing the tag in each page header.

While native-speaking online editors make it easy to translate your content, IM Creator makes it easy to create a solid website from scratch. It supports multilingual versions in addition to simple content editing options to deliver premium-quality content to the global audience effortlessly.

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