5 Alternatives to Using Weebly

Established in 2007, Weebly gained a reputation of a solid website builder for e-commerce projects. The platform was designed to make it easy for webmasters to build their websites from scratch. However, apart from all available features and functions, Weebly has some obvious drawbacks. They are mostly related to limited page customizing capabilities, the lack of blogging features, low-quality templates and some other crucial issues that force webmaster to opt for other available alternatives.

The main Weebly cons include:

  • A Limited Free Plan – although the platform has a free plan, it includes only 6 pages, which is hardly enough whenever you need a solid website;
  • Limited Editing Options – changing layouts and themes can turn into a tough challenge even for users with technical skills. The same thing is with optimizing your website;
  • Rare Platform Upgrades – it seems like Weebly developers fail to follow the latest trends. They seldom release software upgrades and updates;
  • No Third-Party Integration – every time you want to integrate non-Weebly tools or change some of the platform’s functions, you will not be able to do that.

Considering the above-mentioned misses, webmasters are looking for some more effective and flexible alternatives to Weebly. We have conducted a list of 5 website builders that will appear to be a good substitution to Weebly.

IM Creator – The Best Alternative to Weebly

IM Creator

IM Creator has gained a reputation for its extended e-Commerce features in addition to White Label. However, those are not the only pros that make IM Creator a better alternative to Weebly. The software delivers a selection of easily edited and customizable templates. You will hardly feel the lack of mobile responsive themes that are included in the plan. The core IM Creator hits include:

  • Free Plan – unlike Weebly free plan with limited pages and a silly URL, IM Creator offers 50mb of hosting storage. Although it is not enough for a solid web store, it is much more than Weebly can offer free;
  • Responsive Templates – IM Creator delivers a wider range of colorful responsive templates. You can use different themes for any website type;
  • Free eCommerce – manage your products, implement variou currencies and payment methods, track product sales and generate analytic reports;
  • Extended Editing Options – IM Creator deliver a bunch of different setting and options. Change fonts, text sizes, block width and more from the list of backend features;
  • Free Hosting – while free plan provides minimum hosting storage, premium plans give users unlimited hosting opportunities to snow your website down with stunning content.

Additional advantages include IM Creator native analytic tools to generate stats, manage product sales and promote your website on the web.

WIX – a “Catchier” Alternative to Weebly

Wix Main

WIX can be a better alternative to Weebly thanks to its selection of mobile-responsive themes. Users can choose from various categories and benefit from the advanced drag-and-drop section that is easier to use if compared with Weebly. The main WIX hits include:

  • Ease of Use – WIX makes it pretty easy to customize any page, add new sections, remove or copy blocks, add texts and media files with just a click away;
  • Wide Selection of Themes – WIX delivers 500+ stunning templates from over 70 categories. They run equally well on different mobile devices. Benefit from mobile preview feature to see how your website will look like;
  • Advanced Image Editor – create portfolios to stand out from competitors using over 40 Image Galleries and Image Editor;
  • Wix App Market – the website builder offers a range of widgets to customize each page including blogging widgets, navigation, search bar, etc.

You can also add advanced support to prevent newbies from getting stuck during the website building process. The platform offers a selection of plans that already include hosting and domain name.

uKit – the Cheapest Alternative to Weebly

uKit Main

uKit appears to be a more cost-effective alternative to Weebly offering Premium plan for only $4 per month. It includes score hosting, no ads and a full access to a wide collection of mobile-ready templates. Additional uKit benefits include:

  • Widgets and Extensions – unlike Weebly with no opportunities to integrate your website with other services, uKit offers a selection of custom widgets and add-ons. Integrate live chats, SoundCloud, Vimeo and tons of other services including Google Maps and MailChimp;
  • Developer Access – a temporary access to a website when outsourcing all works or cooperating remotely with freelancers. You can let them access analytics, set SEO tools, customize web design, etc;
  • CRM Integration – amoCRM widget makes it easy to track your sales, customers and orders from a single dashboard. Simply install the widget from uKit panel and boost your sales;
  • Mobile-Responsive Templates – uKit offers over 380 different templates for different website types. They are all mobile-responsive and feature a simple drag-and-drop function.

Also, add a custom contact form to get in touch with your customers and subscribers, affordable e-commerce plans and ease of use to meet newbies expectations.

Squarespace – A more Design-Driven Alternative to Weebly

Squarespace Main

Squarespace is obviously a better alternative to Weebly whenever you seek for a more enhanced visual experience when building a website from scratch. The platform delivers rich imagery in addition to simple editing and customizing tools. Check for more Squarespace benefits:

  • 14-Day Free Trial – the platform offers a free trial to try its features and decide whether they suit you or not. Then you can choose from several available plans suitable for cover page and personal needs as well as for complex e-commerce websites;
  • E-Commerce – Squarespace offers templates already optimized for e-commerce. You can sell any amount of goods with no limits. Choose from multiple payment options product quick view and zoom features, mailing list integration and more;
  • Mobile-Compatible Templates – Choose from up to 510 different themes. Each template boasts built-in compatibility with all mobile devices despite the OS and carrier;
  • Profession Support Services – newbies will never get lost thanks to email support available round the clock as well as comprehensive guides and tutorials, live chat and SquareSpace community.

Squarespace is certainly a good option for those looking for ease of use in addition to stunning templates ready to use on mobile devices.

WordPress – A Trustier Weebly Alternative

WordPress-com Main

Millions of webmasters and website owners across the globe choose WordPress. Apart from CMS, WordPress delivers an effective and easy to use website building software to create a solid website with no special skills. Established years ago, it is one of the most recognizable platforms on the web. For less than $10, users can benefit from a Premium plan with a full set of outstanding features. They include:

  • Jetpack Plugin – an ultimate solution for website owners with a selection of customizable SEO setting, spam security, social media buttons and website analytics;
  • Premium Themes without Limits – get an access to a wide collection of stunning themes that are ready to use on mobile devices. The list includes special templates for business and e-commerce;
  • Extended Storage Facilities – benefit from up to 13GB of hosting storage to create complex websites and download as many media files as you need;
  • Monetization Opportunities – users can take the advantage of monetization opportunities and WordsAds tool in particular. Show ads and earn money from your website.

WordPress offers a free trial to check all website builder’s features and capabilities. Although it seems a bit complicated for newbies, it will hardly take them much time to get into details and start building a solid website from scratch.

Summing Up

With so many advanced website building platforms, you will hardly find it difficult to choose a better alternative to Weebly. Despite some of its advantages, the software has proved to be a bit complicated when it comes to editing and customizing webpages. Limited free plan, the lack of third-party integration and export function make this software far from being ideal.

Luckily, users can benefit from instruments that are more flexible. They offer a wider list of features and capabilities to build a website from scratch as well as drive your business forward. From this point of view, IM Creator looks like an optimal choice.

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