4 Simple Steps to Turn a Template into your Unique Website

Building an eye-catching and unique website can be really simple and should not involve more than a few steps!

Here’s a great example of how in only 4 steps, you can turn one of IM’s templates into your unique site.

There are dozens of templates to choose from. You can also search by categories to make sure the template will reflect you or your business best. Each template can be customized – add text, pictures, widgets, change colors and more.

Phia Photography chose our Fedrer_Simple template.



1) The template comes with 3 default page but since Phia needed another one, they added  a “Video” page through Main Menu > Manage Pages > Add Page.


If you need to add a page to your site, you can either add a duplicate of an existing page (to keep layout and design) or add a blank page.


2) Then, Phia changed the default font in the title to Ariel Black and of course changed the text to Phia Photography.

Change Font

3) Moving down in the template, it has a 2-picture slideshow. To customize the template as they like, Phia deleted the default template pictures by clicking on the slideshow –> manage and added 5 pictures of their own. The text box below the slideshow remained and only the text was replaced.

Add a page

4) Lastly, the social media icons at the bottom of the template’s home page were removed by clicking on the elements and hitting “delete”. The contact info below it was replaced with Phia’s.

Delete Element



And here’s the beautiful final product (click it to check it out live)!



Erez is the online marketing director of IM Creator. Erez writes about web design as a business, online marketing, and website building tips.

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