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The global web is full of offers aimed at making the process of creating a website easier. Website builders have proved to be a handy tool whenever you need to build a functional site that will help you to grow business online. While some users opt for typical software like Squarespace with only basic editing and managing features, IM Creator has proved to be a more functional alternative with a wider set of tools and option.

IM Creator is easier to use when designing each page from scratch. Squarespace is a trickier software. It requires more time to get started. IM Creator offers a more diverse variety of plans, which makes it a better alternative to Squarespace. At the same time, its personal plan is absolutely useless when it comes to e-commerce websites and digital stores. From this point of view, IM Creator is a more e-commerce and SEO oriented website builder letting you not only create and publish a solid site without coding but also growing your business, integrating analytics and benefiting from White Label option.

Let’s have a look at all core features that make IM Creator obviously a better choice if compared with Squarespace.

General Features

IM Creator makes it easy for users to handle various tasks. Whether you need to create a professional portfolio or blog or you want to launch a successful e-commerce online project, the platform has enough features to meet different needs when it comes to building a solid digital webshop. The core features are as follows:


Squarespace is more difficult to use while IM Creator provided special block or stripes. Creating a logical and engaging web page structure is as easy as playing with LEGO blocks. Simply add a new stripe to create a new section or attach a new element.

IM Creator Stripes
IM Creator Stripes


IM Creator uses WYSISWG technologies also known as the drag-and-drop function. It is based on already built blocks. The process is pretty simple and intuitive. No special skills are required. You can move any element you like as well as change its hierarchy or add content with just a click away. Squarespace also uses Content Block function. However, editing pages is more complicated. At the same time, the platform does not let users handle editing unless they have already created a page. IM Creator makes it easy to manage each section BEFORE the page is created. Squarespace lets you only change colors and fonts, while IM Creator brings PRO settings to change elements’ sizes, styles and more.

IM Creator Editor
IM Creator Editor

Extended Features

IM Creator meets different website building needs. It comes as a good solution for one-page sites, portfolios, professional business cards and webshops. It delivers a huge selection of e-commerce and SEO tools not simply to build a website but also to grow and promote your business on the web. Squarespace cannot boast the same selection of options. Although it has some built-in e-commerce and SEO options a set of features looks pretty poor especially if you need to create a digital store that will stand out. IM Creator is a more functional software with tools that make it easy to edit and manage products and categories, deal with basic setting like product titles and descriptions, choose from 20+ different currencies and more.

IM Creator SEO Settings
IM Creator SEO Settings

White Label

IM Creator stands out from other website builders like Squarespace thanks to its unique White Label feature. Whether you represent a web design or hosting company or you operate as an independent web designer, this feature lets you deliver enhanced services to your customers using platform as your own facility.

Now, let’s have a closer look at all core features that make IM Creator a better option to Squarespace.

Extended e-Commerce Features for a Perfect Webstore

IM Creator is probably the ultimate solution whenever you need to build a digital store and manage it without special skills. It offers 20+ currencies to operate in any country across the globe. The software supports various payment options and can be integrated with third-party services to handle transactions. From this point of view, it is a better alternative to Squarespace that also offers third-party integration, but it includes only several available services. Moreover, the selection of payment options is narrowed down to only PayPal and Stripe. It may result in some difficulties when selling products to users who do not have these payment tools.

IM Creator Store Management
IM Creator Store Management

IM Creator makes it easy to manage each product and category, create and add new ones, manage SEO settings an, titles, and descriptions, add images and more. Squarespace lets users only create new products and categories while selling products is easier when using IM Creator platform.

IM Creator Store Dashboard
IM Creator Store Dashboard

Analytic tools are vital whenever it comes to the field of e-commerce. You need to deal with stats and tracking data to define the strongest channels that deliver the most of your target audience. IM Creator can be integrated with different services like Google Analytics top generate precise and accurate data on any sale. You can track your products’ paths, link your digital store to a bank account, view stats and handle money transfers with just a click away.

Solid Platform for Enhanced Blogging

Whether you want to create a stunning personal blog or ensure professional blogging for corporate needs, IM Creator will certainly meet your requirements. A selection of tools makes it easy to design and edit a blog section that will stand out from tons of web pages alike. The software has a separate Blog Setting section to customize your site.

IM Creator Blogging Engine
IM Creator Blogging Engine

Here you can change colors, chose fonts, change element’s dimensions and add multimedia files. Essential SEO tools include fundamental setting like meta tags and focus keywords in addition to advanced features like page previews in Social networks and search engines.

Squarespace also has blogging features. However, the content editing process is more complicated while the blogging tools include only simple content adding feature, comment icons and basic built-in SEO settings that you are not able to change or edit.

White Label for Companies and Individuals

Apart from basic features. IM Creator has a unique White Label option for both corporate users and individuals. The offerings are aimed at three main user categories:

  • Independent Web Design Service Providers – independent web designers can use IM Creator platform to trigger their own branded campaigns using software facilities. Simply use the installation wizard to get started within seconds;
  • Web Design Studios and Companies – business owners will get an access to CSS panel to design their own stripes removing IM Creator logo and adding their own brand as well. Integration with cPanel is also available for corporate customers;
  • Hosting Providers and Domain Companies – cPanel integration and access to IM Creator API bring hosting and domain services to a new level. IM Creator offers “Host It Yourself” package with all necessary features in a pack including Google Cloud server to keep a website copy.

Squarespace cannot boast the same feature, which obviously makes IM Creator a better option.

Versatile Mobile-Ready Templates

IM Creator is a better alternative to Squarespace when it comes to both templates design and functionality. Users can choose from various categories that meet different needs. Whether you want to build a stunning website for your Bed & Breakfast business, Construction Company or online store for women, simply choose any of mobile-ready templates and start editing.

IM Creator Responsive Templates
IM Creator Responsive Templates

Advanced setting makes it easy to change colors, implement different fonts, change text sizes and elements’ dimensions. The drag-n-drop function is easy and intuitive whenever you need to remove, delete or add a new block. IM Creator is among a few website builders that are ready to use on iOS devices and retina screens.

Pricing and Premium Plans

IM Creator is a good platform whenever you need to build a webshop and put an ease on the wallet. The software is available free with all baseline e-commerce features. Simply choose a template and start editing. Keep in mind that a free plan does not include domain name. Once you crave for a solid digital store with extended features, free hosting domain name you need to opt for any of the available Premium plans that may cost up to $96 per year.

Good news for students and non-profitable organizations. IM Creator provides them with a free version with all necessary premium features in the pack at no cost at all. Squarespace also has a separate plan for online stores. It costs $40 per month, which results in $480 annually. For this reason, IM Creator is certainly a more cost-effective and advanced solution to build a digital shop.

IM Creator is a cheaper option also when it comes to personal plans. The price starts from $8 for enough bandwidth with domain and hosting already included in the price. Squarespace personal plan price starts from $16 per month, which is twice higher. It is clear that IM Creator looks like a better option form financial perspectives.

Final Thought

With so many available website builders on the web, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. You need to set clear targets and understand why you need a website and what purposes it will serve. IM Creator is a good software for sites of different types. At the same time, it has proved to be a better alternative to Squarespace when it comes to e-commerce niche.

IM Creator is cheaper, it offers unique features like White Label, it is easier and faster to use. Most business owners and individuals are looking for these particular advantages when growing their business or building a new company from scratch. We recommend starting with defining the core business goals. Identify your buyer persona and decide on the type of content you are going to use. Create an outline or roadmap and opt for a plan that meets all your requirements.

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