Squarespace Alternatives – Top 3 Site Builders To Use Instead of Squarespace

Squarespace has turned into a golden standard for more than one million users. Designed to let people create stunning websites without coding, the platform has grown into a solid software for small businesses and digital stores as well. Developers have recently implemented some of the new features such as Instagram eCommerce in addition to Email marketing tools.

Is the platform really worth that praise? Despite eye-catching templates and flexibility, Squarespace seems to be a bit overestimated. It is more expensive if compared to its main competitors. Moreover, it certainly lacks third-party integration capabilities. This fact makes Squarespace a bit straightforward. The same thing with website designing and editing. Although no coding is required, the editing mechanics is not as smooth as you can expect.

We have examined the software and compared is with other free alternatives. The list below highlights several website builders that can let you handle the task at lower costs and fewer efforts.

1. IM Creator – The Best Free Squarespace Alternative

IM Creator
IM Creator is a flexible multi-purpose free service to build websites of different types. It is good for professional blogs, small business websites, online stores, etc. Extended web building capabilities are ensured by the platform’s flexibility and features.

Why IM Creator is a better alternative to Squarespace?

  • Ease of Use – Despite drag-and-drop feature Squarespace has, the platform features a complex editing mechanics. From this point of view, IM Creator is simpler to use uses WYSISWG technologies technologies instead. A user can customize each page with the help of ready-to-use stripes. The process looks like playing with LEGO blocks. You can remove or change them depending on the page structure you need. IM Creator lets users edit pages and sections before you create and publish the page. It helps to overview the look f the website before it goes online.
  • IM Creator Editor
    IM Creator Editor
  • Enhanced Blogging Feature – IM Creator is a better option if you need to build a professional blog. The platform has a great blogging feature that makes it easy to create your blog from scratch as well as promote it to drive traffic. All you need is to go to your Blogging Settings and start customizing the site. Users can experiment with colors, typography, elements’ dimensions as well as add media files and eye-catching photos. The feature has SEO settings and social media links to drive more traffic.
  • IM Creator Blogging Engine
    IM Creator Blog
  • Features for eCommerce – Business owners can choose from an array of ready-to-use mobile-friendly templates for eCommerce. Here you can manage your products, add analytics to track sales, implement 20+ currencies and payment options. IM Creator delivers more flexibility to website owners and customers thanks to third-party integration capabilities.
  • IM Creator Store Management
    IM Creator Store Manager
  • White Label for Companies and Individuals – The platform brings more flexible features in its White Label package for individual web service providers and companies. Customers can access the CSS panel in addition to IM Creator API as well as keep the website copy on cloud-based platforms. Independent web designers and developers may use platform’s facilities to launch their own branded campaigns.

Pricing: IM Creator offers several plans including a Free Package with all eCommerce and blogging features. A Personal Plan is also a good solution to start with. It costs only $8 per month, which is less if compared with a $16-dollar plan provided by Squarespace. Moreover, we should consider a free access to all IM Creator features for students and non-profitable organizations.

2. Wix – All-in-One Squarespace Competitor


While Squarespace looks a bit limited when it comes to add-ons and flexibility, Wix can be a better alternative thanks to its huge selection of free widgets and apps. The platform has grown its recognition over the last years especially after its crucial updates such as Wix Code and Wix ADI. From now, website customization comes with more opportunities for those who have at least basic coding skills.

Why Wix is a better alternative to Squarespace?

  • Simple Editing – Wix is much easier to use if compared to Squarespace. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. It will take you a couple of hours to learn how the system works and build a website from scratch with no coding. The key feature here is the fact that Wix was initially designed for newbies. This fact ensures ease of use despite the website type you need to build.
  • Huge Selection of Templates – Wix boasts probably the biggest collection of responsive templates in addition to a mobile preview feature. Simply edit the way your website will look like on smartphones and tablets without editing the original version. You can hide some blocks or display necessary sections for mobile users.
  • Wix ADI – The software is using an AI-based platform to build websites. It will create tailored websites for you. The system uses simple questions to learn about your site’s purposes and goals. Then it automatically chooses the best-matching template and combine all its elements to create a unique site with customized blocks, content, etc.

Pricing: Wix has a free plan that includes up to 500MB of storage and the same bandwidth. It is not serious for a complex project. For this reason, you have to subscribe for at least Combo Premium Plan. This one starts from $8.5 per month + VAT (annual billing).

3. uKit – A Cheap Squarespace Alternative


uKit was designed to create solid websites for small businesses.They may include professional portfolios, business cards, landing pages and small online stores. At the same time, the platform appears to be a flexible and versatile enough solution to create websites of different types. It offers stylish templates to build one-page websites and blogs. It can be a good alternative to build a solid website as your company’s online representation.

Why uKit is a better alternative to Squarespace?

  • Intuitive Interface – uKit is very easy to use thanks to its simple editor based on the drag-and-drop technology. From these perspectives, Squarespace looks more complex and it takes more time to learn its functions. uKit makes it easy to add texts, media files, images and content of any other format. You only need to choose any of the available mobile responsive template and start building a website.
  • Flexibility and Extensions – While Squarespace reserves few integration opportunities, uKit brings more flexibility thanks to its add-ons. You can integrate your future website with different third-party services and platforms such as SoundCloud, Google Maps, Vimeo, etc. Take the fullest from your email marketing campaigns by integrating MailChimp and other services/ Integration with CRM is a good solution for eCommerce websites that require detailed analytics, sales tracking, etc.
  • Outsourcing Capabilities – uKit delivers outsourcing capabilities due to its Developer Access feature. Team up with freelancers, designers or developers to work on your website in a group.

Pricing: Unlike other platforms in the list above, uKit does not have a free plan. However, it has a 14-day free trial as well as Squarespace. You can try all the instruments and system functions to decide if the software suits you. uKit Premium Plans start from $4. You can access all advanced features including a free domain, hosting and eCommerce for only $12/mo.

The Bottom Line

Squarespace is not all that bad. It has some worthy features to consider. On the other hand, the above-mentioned platforms appear to be a more flexible and cost-effective solution especially if considering your individual requirements to the future project. For this reason, you need to define your goals and objects as well as purposes your site will serve.

A good idea is to try software for free considering their available free plans and trials. Once you have tested the system including content management tools and editors, it will make it clear if the website builder is good for your particular goals. uKits and Wix are simpler. They are good for small projects including blogs, landing pages, small business websites, etc.

At the same time, IM Creator is a more versatile platform to serve different purposes. It appears to be a good eCommerce and blogging solution. It helps to build stunning websites and implement various features in addition to its White Label for hosting companies and professional web designers.

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