25 Cool Designer Workspaces

Workspaces describe who you are. They describe your taste, attitude towards your work and life in general and your personality. Your workspace should be comfortable and should make you feel positive and productive. A nice workspace that is according to your liking can enhance your productivity and creativity and can make you like and appreciate your work more. It can help you have a positive attitude too.

A designer’s job is quite hectic and time-consuming and requires one to stay on their desks a long time. It can be a tiring and irksome job sometimes as you have to pay attention to even the most minor details of a project. Since a main aspect of the designer’s job is to stay close to his computer and work, it is a must for him to have a comfortable and nice workspace which is not crowded but does include elements that help create the atmosphere that results with high productivity.  We gathered 25 Cool Designer Workspaces for your inspiration and for you to use as models when changing your work environment. Feel free to share in the comments how your workspace looks and what example did you like best.

Jon Rohan Workspaces-16

Evan Sims


Ryan J. Nicholson Workspaces-18

Creative Home Office Design Workspaces-19

Jesse Bouldin Workspaces-20



George Bokhua Workspaces-2

David Hellmann Workspaces-3

Mike Busby Workspaces-4

Joel Speasmaker’s Workspace Workspaces-5

Per Vestman Workspaces-6

Carson Kahn Workspaces-7





Our Desktop Series Workspaces-10

Yossi Belkin Workspaces-11

Christine Wilde Workspaces-12

Justin Schueler Workspaces-13

Dawid Liberadzki Workspaces-14

Raygun Studio Workspaces-15

Singapore Work Office Workspaces-21

Alienware Mac Home Setup Workspaces-22

My Home Office III Workspaces-23

Ubuntu Family Workspaces-24

Panoramic View Home Office Workspaces-25



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