10 Project Types You Should Expect in Freelancing

Since I have been there, I can say this for sure that being a freelancer is one of the toughest jobs ever. I know, people think freelancers are lucky to be able to work according to their own convenience, however, trust me, we deal with so many clients and some of them appear to be sent directly from hell just in order to make our lives miserable.

Anyhow, from working on low-budget projects to supernatural ranking projects, I believe I have come a long way. Today I am going to share the types of projects a newbie freelancer should expect coming his way. This is not at all to scare any freelancer away but it is good to learn from someone else’s experience so you better learn from mine and not suffer.

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1. The ‘Revolutionary’ project:

It’s a project where a client expects you to bring a revolution with it. With such projects, you will get to hear a client talking and talking without hearing your view point. It could make you or break you however, if you are up for challenges, go for it but make sure you set some rules.

2. Different yet inspired project:

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In such projects, a client will initially ask you to come up with something really innovative. However, when the project requires more time than you estimated, they will not pay you more because the budget is restricted. With such projects you can simply make a clone of an already existing website and take the money.

3. Master of all trades project:

You will come across many clients who will expect you to be master of all trades. You might be good at most of them but you cannot be best at everything. However, a client will expect you to do every task related to the project. If you are among a blessed one who can actually do it all, then go for a client who is able to pay you for all this.

4. The ‘trouble saver’ project:

This is a project where you can relax a little bit yet earn the full amount of a project. This is when you will be hired to fix the mess of a previous designer. However, be sure to take entire payment before finishing the project.

5. The ‘client’s creativity’ project:

The ‘client’s creativity’ project

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Ah, this whole project will be in client’s mind and you will have to work on client’s ‘feel’. You won’t be able to work on this if you have not mastered the art of psychology. In order to handle such clients, you must get as much detail as you can from the client.

6. The project within a project:

This happens when your client expects you to be a web designer and a graphic designer and a lot more. I have come across a lot of clients who are unhappy with the end result and that too because of their own fault. For instance, they will be happy with the design but not with their old logo. So, now you have to redesign the logo for them so that you can get paid.

7. The ‘end of the world’ project:

This is for the hasty clients who will approach you with a project and they will expect you to finish their project as soon as you can. We normally call it ‘need for speed’ project. Normally, such clients are just lying to get their work done and if you are working on their urgent project, I suggest you to demand double amount so that you get to know if they are actually in a rush.

8. The ‘do or die’ project:

Some projects are really hard to do and this is exactly why we call them ‘do or die’ projects. Although, they make our lives difficult but these projects will help us in shining like a star. So once you accept it, make sure you finish it. However, make sure that you don’t torture yourself by taking such projects often.

9. The ‘cheap’ project:

The ‘cheap’ project

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The name says it all. We all get those cheap projects that we accept at some point because we need that extra cash. However, in order to avoid convenience, make sure you get half of the payment in advance. Well these cheap projects are always helpful in making money but you should avoid torturing yourself often.

10. The ‘family’ project:

Ah, this happens way too often and the worst part is that you don’t way to say ‘yes’ but cannot say ‘no’ since it is a family member asking for help. I would suggest to learn to say no because these free = family projects will affect your career a lot.


Experience is everything. Over time you will learn to deal with all types of projects. As a freelancer, keepiing yourself prepared for different situations may save you a lot of time and energy.


Erez is the online marketing director of IM Creator. Erez writes about web design as a business, online marketing, and website building tips.

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